How to start your very own podcast on chest

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Do you love chess?  I am sure you would love listening to chess podcasts.  In fact, I’m sure you think there should be more podcasts on chess.  What if that podcaster creating this new chess podcast was you?

Today, I want to tell you just how easy it can be for you to do just that!  Hint: it’s a lot easier than learning to play chess!

Step #1: Determine Your Focus

There are a lot of different ways you could go about starting a chess podcast.  You could give out chess advice.  Your podcast could be dedicated to helping beginners learn chess.  Or you could do a podcast giving information about upcoming chess tournaments or news in the chess industry.  Or maybe you just want it broadly to be about chess.

There are a lot of different ways to go about this.  But the first step is figuring out your focus, which you may already know.

Step #2: Determine Your Format

Do you want your podcast to be a solo format?  Or do you want a podcast partner?  Would you like to do interviews in your episodes?  After knowing what you want your podcast to be about, now is the time to figure out what episodes of your podcast will look like.

Step #3: Pick Out A Name

Now that you know what your podcast will be about and everything, it’s time to pick a name for this podcast.  You can make it unique to you but you don’t want it to be too unique that it’s unclear from the name what the podcast is about (hint: something about chess should be in the name).  A podcast name this very to the point would be Chess Podcast for Beginners.  A title that gives a hint of what it’s about and its unique angle while being clever is Ladies Knight Chess.  Whatever direction you go with the title is ultimately your choice and your preference.

Step #4: Protect Yourself Legally

Now that you have a title, it’s time you can form a business.  Now, if you are not planning on making any money with this podcast, you don’t have to.  But if you want to make money (and you can definitely make money with a podcast as we outline here) you’ll need to form a business first.  You can look up what laws exist where you live for forming a business.

You can also protect yourself legally by forming an LLC.  That is what I have done with every business I have started.  I go over the benefits (and disadvantages) of starting an LLC here.

Step #5: Get The Correct Tools

Once you have all that out of the way, it’s time to start focusing on how to produce your podcast episodes.  And there are certain tools you need to do that.  For example, you’ll not only need a microphone but a pop filter as well.  Confused?  Well, you won’t be after reading this list of the tools needed to start a podcast.

Step #6: Start Your First Episode

Now it is time for you to produce your very own podcast!  Good luck and have fun!