How to start a medical podcast

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Have you ever thought about starting a medical podcast?  Perhaps you are a doctor or nurse who would like to give advice via a podcast.  Maybe you would like to report on medical breakthroughs or medical news.  Perhaps you are fascinated by medical mysteries.  Maybe you would love to discuss some of the most fascinating medical cases.

At any rate, if you are thinking of starting a medical podcast, then you’ll need to make sure to consider all of the following.  And then you yourself can be ready for your very first podcast!

Podcast Focus

Perhaps you already have a focus, such as medical news or medical mysteries.  Maybe you want it to be even more specific than that.  Or maybe you want to have a broad medical podcast.  Whatever you decide, it’s good to already be thinking about this and making decisions before you begin.

Podcast Format

What do you want your podcast format to be?  Do you want to host by yourself?  Have a co-host?  Have a different guest every week?

Also, will each episode be a standalone issue or topic?  Or will you have seasons that cover a topic?  For example, if your podcast is about medical mysteries, you could either have one season covering a specific medical mystery or you could have a different mystery each episode.  It really is up to you.

Podcast Name

Once you have an idea of your podcast focus and format, then you are in better position to name your podcast.

A great rule of thumb in naming your podcast is that you want your podcast’s point of view and theme to be apparent enough that when someone is searching through say Apple, iHeartRadio, Spotify, etc., looking for a podcast, and they spot your podcast, they’ll know what it’s about.  That makes it easier for the right audience to find you.

A good example of this would be “Pediatrics On Call”.  This is a podcast focusing on children’s health hosted by two pediatricians, and I think that comes across with the podcast’s name.  “WarDocs – The Military Medicine Podcast” does a good job illustrating it is a podcast where the hosts give insights & lessons learned from their time as army surgeons.

Of course, ultimately the title is your choice.  So you can be as creative (or not creative) as you’d like.

Legal Protection

One question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether or not you’ll want to make money from this podcast.  You obviously don’t have to and if you don’t earn money from the podcast, then you can skip this section.

But you can earn money from a podcast.  We talk about ways to earn money from podcasts here.  It can be a great side hustle – or maybe even a full-time job.

But if you do decide to earn money from your podcast, you will need to protect yourself legally.  One way to do that is with an LLC.  We talk about the advantages (and disadvantages) of an LLC here.

Podcasting Tools

And finally, you will need the right tools to start a podcast.  This includes things that may be obvious (like a microphone) and not so obvious (like a pop filter).  You can find a full list of tools you’ll need to start a podcast here.