A step by step tutorial for starting your own horror podcast

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With the spooky season just around the corner, now seems like the perfect time to talk about how you can start your very own horror podcast.  This is something I am sure you’ve thought about, but you may think this would be too difficult to do.

Luckily, it is not.  Not if you follow these steps.

Step #1: Determining Your Podcast’s Focus

So you know you want a horror podcast.  But what kind of horror podcast do you want it to be?

You could report on terrifying real-life events.  Or you could talk about creepy urban legends.  If you decide to go this route, you’ll also need to figure out if you want to do this podcast solo or have a co-host (or co-hosts).  There are a lot of possibilities here and I’m sure you’ll have fun figuring out all the details.

Another type of horror podcast would be a fiction podcast.  You could have an overarching plot to each episode, like the popular podcast Limetown.  Or you could vary up each episode, like The No Sleep Podcast.  You’ll need to decide if you’ll do all of it yourself or get actors.  You can also start to figure out the structure of the episodes.

But once again, this is the fun part, where you can get your creative juices going!

Step #2: Decide if You Want To Make Money

So obviously we all love making money.  But do you want to make money with this podcast?

Perhaps you want this just to be a fun hobby on the side.  And in this case, you can skip the rest of the step and go on to the next point.

But perhaps you’d love for this to be a good side hustle – and perhaps eventually your job.  There are definitely ways to make money with your podcast; we go over how to make money from your podcast here.

But if you do indeed decide to start making money from your podcast, you’ll need to set up a business legally.  And you need to make sure you’ll protected legally.  The last thing you want is for someone to sue you claiming you ripped off their story and this to cripple you financially.  But don’t worry, there are ways to set up your business that protect you legally.  I’ve always liked setting up my new businesses as an LLC; I go over the pros and cons of an LLC here.

Step #3: Get The Right Podcast Tools

There are specific tools and software you’ll need to have your own podcast.  And a lot you might not think of no matter how many podcasts you listen to.  For example, did you know that you not only need a microphone but a pop filter, too?  You can find out the complete list of what you need to start a podcast here.

Step #4: Get Started

Guess what.  Now you are ready to get started with your horror podcast.  So it’s time to get to work and start spooking people!

Additional Information

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