How to start your own hedge fund, investment podcast

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Let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there who would like sound investment advice.  That is why there are popular hedge fund podcasts.  And if you are someone who people go to for investment advice, you might be asking yourself, why don’t I have a hedge fund podcast?

Maybe one of the things stopping you is the belief that it would be too hard.  After all, investing is your expertise.  Not podcasting.  But the truth is, with the right tools, you too could be a podcaster.

Another thing stopping you is the belief that your podcast won’t make enough money for it to be worth your while.  You of all people do not believe in a bad investment.  But the truth is, podcasts can be quite profitable.  We go over ways to make your podcast profitable here.

So, now you know that not only can you start a hedge fund podcast, but you can make money doing so.  But the question remains: how do you start?  So let’s go over the steps.

Create a Focus

You know you want a hedge fund podcast.  But what kind of podcast?  Here is the step where you brainstorm over the best approach for your podcast.

That includes answering questions like this:

  • Do I want to do the podcast alone?  Or will I have a co-host?
  • Do I want special guests on my podcast?
  • What do you, in particular, bring to this subject?  What is your greatest area of expertise?  How do you use that to make a successful podcast?

Name Your Podcast

Once you know your focus, you are ready to name your podcast.  You can make it uniquely you.

Just don’t make it too unique.  You want people who are scrolling through Google Podcasts, the Apple Store, Spotify, etc. to have an idea from the name of your podcast what you are.

For example, you can gather from the name what the basic genre The Contrarian Investor Podcast or Hedge Fund Tips with Tom Hayes is.

Start a Business

You need to protect yourself legally.  So it is time you start a business and protect that business.  I recommend getting an LLC for your new business.  I have gotten an LLC for all the businesses I’ve started.  Click here to read our benefits and disadvantages of getting an LLC.

Get Podcasting Tools

In order to have a podcast, you must record your podcast.  And you must be able to put your podcast out there so people can find it.

We have a podcasting tool checklist you can use to make sure you have all the right equipment.

And then you are ready to get started!  So good luck!