How to start a decluttering podcast

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Are you always giving advice to your friends and family about how to organize their home?  Do you already have a decluttering blog and you want to expand your business and online presence?

For those reasons and more, you may be considering starting a decluttering podcast.  This would be a great way for you to give advice to people and help people’s lives.  ‘

And it could be a great way for you to earn money.  You can find out how to earn money from a podcast here.  It could be a great side hustle – or perhaps even could become your full-time job.

You may think, however, that starting a podcast would be very difficult if you’ve never done it before.  But I think it is a lot simpler than you may fear.  Just follow these steps and you can create your very own podcast.

Step #1: Determine Your Name

Determining your name is an important feature.  If you already have a blog, then you may want to give it a similar if not the same name for branding purposes.  Otherwise, you’ll want something unique enough to stand out but not too unique that if someone comes across your podcast, they’ll have no idea what your podcast is about.

For example, Minimalist Moms Podcast is a great name because you can figure out from the title what it is about and the unique focus of the podcast in the host being a mom.  ClutterBug is also cute, simple, and to the point.

Step #2: Protect Yourself Legally

If you don’t want to make money from your podcast, then skip to the next step.  But if you do want to make money from your podcast, then you’ll need to protect yourself legally.  We go over the advantages and disadvantages of starting an LLC to protect yourself legally here.  You’ll also need to check your local state or county’s rules for starting your own business.

Step #3: Get The Best Podcast Tools

There are certain tools you’ll need if you want to start a successful podcast.  Like, you’ll need a microphone.  And to take that further, you’ll need a pop filter on top of that.  We have a full list of what you’ll need to start a podcast here.

Step #4: Get Started

Now you are ready to get started on your brand new podcast!  Good luck!