How to start your very own comedy podcast

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Have you ever thought about starting your very own comedy podcast?  This could be a lot of fun.  It could become a wonderful hobby or business for you.  It could even launch a comedy career for you.

So stop thinking and start doing, because we can help with that!  We’ve come up with a list of steps you can do so that you can start your very own comedy podcast.  And you may be surprised to find out just how easy it is!

1. Come Up With a Podcast Focus

You know you like comedy.  But what is the focus of your podcast?  Is it general comedy or something more specific?  What is each episode?

This is the step where you figure this out.  Some ideas you could consider would be:

  • Interview comedians
  • Write scripts and focus on comedic storytelling
  • Do sketches (sort of like a podcast version of Saturday Night Live)
  • Report on news but in a comedic fashion (sort of like a podcast version of The Daily Show)
  • Do your stand-up comedy

And of course, I am sure you can (or already have) thought up a bunch of different other ideas for your podcast!

Once you have your focus, too, you can go ahead and name your podcast as well!

2. Decide if You Want to Make Money with your Podcast

Now, you could be doing this podcast for many different reasons.  Maybe you want to get your comedy career started and you are using the podcast as a launchpad.  Maybe you just want a fun hobby.  In these cases, you may not care about making money from your podcast.

But just so you know, you can make a lot of money from your podcast.  We go over ways to make money from your podcast here.  So this could become a great side hustle – or your new career.

If this is the case, you will need to make sure to protect yourself legally.  Whenever I start a new business, I always start a new LLC.  I go over the benefits (and drawbacks) of starting an LLC here.

3. Get The Right Tools

You may think now is the time you can start creating podcast episodes.  But first, you will need the right tools.  This includes things like a microphone and a pop filter.  You can find a full list of what you need to start a podcast here.

4. Get Started

Now that you have the right tools in place, it is time to get started!  Have fun!