Step by step guide for how to start a Christian podcast

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Have you ever thought about starting a Christian podcast?  Having a Christian podcast is a great way to share your faith with others.

You could even make having a Christian podcast into your career.  After all, if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life, right?  We talk about how to make money from a podcast here.

So what do you need to do to start your Christian podcast?  Well, before you get started, you need to think about what kind of Christan podcast you want to have.

Christian Podcast Ideas

So what would your Christian podcast be about?  Well, there are a lot of great topics you can discuss on your podcast.  It can be a general Christian podcast.  But you could also narrow down what your podcast is about.  You could focus on a specific denomination, such as a Catholic podcast, Evangelical podcast, Baptist podcast, etc.

You can also cover specific topics from a Christian perspective.  For example, you could give marital advice from a Christian perspective.  You could talk about how to raise kids as Christians.  You could talk about the news from a Christian perspective.  Or you could discuss getting over heartbreak, hard times, or grief through Christianity.

Another great focus for your podcast would be Biblical discussion.  You could go through different parts of the Bible.  You could also get even more specific and focus on a specific book or books of the Bible, such as the Book of Revelation or the Gospels.

Another way you could structure your podcast is through interviews.  For example, you could interview Christian leaders or ministers on matters related to the church and culture.

Basically, there are a lot of different ways you could structure your podcast.

How to Start a Christian Podcast

So now that you have a general idea of what you want your podcast to be about, you are ready to begin.

The first thing you need to do is come up with a name.  You’ll want your name to be unique so people will remember you.  But at the same time, you’ll want your podcast to show what your podcast is about.  That way, people looking for Christian podcasts can notice your podcast and know to listen to it.  A good example of this would be “5 Minutes in Church History”.  It’s very obvious what the podcast is about.

After you have a name, you should then become a business and protect yourself legally.  Now if you never make any money from this podcast, you don’t have to worry about this.  But otherwise, you should protect yourself legally.  I have always started LLCs whenever I took on a new business venture.  I go over the benefits and negatives of starting an LLC here.

Next, it’s time to get all the right tools.  We have a great checklist for podcasters to use when they are starting a new podcast.  Get everything on this list, and you are good to go.

And then you are ready to start your new podcast!  Good luck, and God bless you!

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Guide to starting a Christian podcast