How to start your own book review podcast

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Do you like books?  Do you like reviewing books?  You could consider starting a book review blog.

But have you ever thought about starting a book review podcast?  Starting a podcast could be a really fun and rewarding way to share your love of books with others.

But you may think starting your own podcast sounds too hard.  But the truth is that it actually is not.  We tell you how you can start your book review podcast by following these five steps.

1. Decide Your Focus

Before you begin, consider deciding your focus.  You could make it a general book review podcast where you review all sorts of books.  Or you could make your podcast more specific.

For example, you could focus on best-selling books, like books that are currently on the New York Times Bestseller List.  Or you could focus on books that have won awards or books that are known as classics.

You could also narrow your focus by genre.  For example, you could only review mystery books.  Or true crime books.  Or you could consider reviewing sci-fi books.  Perhaps you love fantasy novels, Christian fiction novels, or YA novels?  The choice is up to you.

You could also consider making your podcast be book reviews based on the author.  For example, you could review books written by women or books written by black authors or books written by LGBTQ+ authors.

Really, the choice is yours, which is very exciting.

2. Come up with a Title for Your Podcast

Now that you know what you want your focus to be, it’s time to come up with a title for your podcast.  It should be unique but at the same time not too unique.  What I mean by this is that you should be able to gather from the title what the podcast is.

For example, it’s not unique, but the New York Times podcast The Book Review clearly tells the audience what the podcast is all about.  Then you have some review titles that tell you more about their specific genre.  For example, the podcast Tea & Strumpets: A Regency Romance Review lets listeners know what genre the books are going to be.

3. Start an LLC

Now that you have your title, it’s time to make sure your podcast is protected legally.

Now, if you don’t want to make your podcast a business, you don’t have to bother.  And if that’s the case, you can go to the next step.

But there is a good chance you will want to make money from your podcast.  After all, there is money to be made in the podcast field.  We talk about how to earn money from your podcast here.

And if you want to make money from your podcast, then it is very important you protect yourself legally.  You can do that with an LLC.  We talk about the benefits of starting an LLC here.

4. Get the Right Tools for Your Podcast

Now it is time to start working on your podcast!  But first, you need the right tools.

Now, a great thing about starting a podcast is that you won’t need as many tools as you would to start another business, like say if you were going to start printing T-Shirts.  But there are still some tools you need that you may not have thought of yet.  For example, did you know that you need a pop filter?  We talk about that and all the other things you need in our checklist for starting a podcast.

5. Start Your Podcast

And now it’s time to finally begin your podcast!  Just follow these steps, and then you can have your very own book review podcast!