How to start your own baseball podcast

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Are you that person in your group of friends or family who knows the most about baseball?  Do people ask you for advice for fantasy baseball or betting on baseball games?  Do you spend a lot of time reading and talking about baseball?

Then it sounds like you’d be an ideal host for a new baseball podcast!  Starting your own baseball podcast can be an incredibly rewarding venture.  It can be a lot of fun.  It can be a way to share your passion with others.

And it can be profitable as well.  We talk about how to make money from a podcast here.

It’s also not as hard as you might think, even if you have no experience creating or producing a podcast.  We’ll go over the steps needed to start your podcast today.

Step #1: Determine Your Focus

Your podcast can be as broad as focusing on all things baseball.  Or it can focus more on specific things about baseball.  Maybe you just want to focus on a specific team like the Los Angeles Dodgers, the New York Yankees, the Atlanta Braves, the St. Louis Cardinals, etc.  Perhaps you want to focus on the entire MLB or another baseball league.  Maybe you want to start a podcast on fantasy baseball.  Perhaps you like talking about youth baseball and coaching baseball.  Maybe you want to talk about baseball history or baseball news.

The main thing is, this is the step where you figure out what your podcast will be like.  Will it just be you or will you have a podcast?  Will you have special guests?  All ideas are on the table.  And while your podcast can change organically as you continue to do it, this is where you want a rough idea of your podcast’s identity.

Step #2: Pick Out A Name

Why it’s important to know your podcast’s identity is that you’ll need to pick out a name for your podcast.  And it’s always great if your name reflects your content.  For example, the name of the podcast MLB Trade Rumors Podcast tells you exactly what the podcast is about, as does Giants Talk: A San Francisco Giants Podcast.

But there are other ways to go about naming your podcast, like a clever title like The Umpire Strikes Back.  You could include your name, like Three Swings Podcast with Rhea Butcher.  Basically, there are many ways to go about it, but you’ll need a name to get started.

Step #3: Protect Yourself Legally

You’ll also need a name if you want to create a business for your podcast.  This is a must-do if you are planning to ever make money from your podcast.  You’ll need to protect yourself legally.

You can look up local laws to figure out how to set up a business.  If you are American, then I recommend also setting up an LLC.  This really protects you legally; it’s what I have used to set up all my businesses.  We go over the advantages and disadvantages of starting an LLC here.

Step #4: Get The Correct Tools

It’s about to time to start creating podcast episodes, but first you will need the right tools to do so.  Do you have a microphone?  How about a pop filter?  Do you have no idea what a pop filter is?  Well, you’ll find out what it is and everything else you’ll need to get started in our starting a podcast checklist.

Step #5: Start Your Podcast

Now it is finally time to get started.  Good luck, and here’s to hoping your podcast is a home run!