How to record a podcast with a remote guest

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Interviewing guests can be a wonderful addition to a podcast.  Lining up a great guest can be quite a coup for your podcast.

But you may not be able to physically meet with all your guests, especially these days.  What happens if someone agrees to be on your podcast but can’t meet with you to record the podcast?

If that were to happen, don’t worry; you can still have them on your podcast.  You can do that by using Rumble Studio.

Rumble Studio

Rumble Studio is an audio recording solution that allows you to conduct interviews for podcasts remotely.  You get to build an interview landing page so you can collect responses to your questions in multiple formats.  And you can do all of this without any coding whatsoever.

You start by either using one of Rumble Studio’s interview templates or entering your own custom questions via audio or text.  The interview link you create then lets your guests answer prompts.  They can upload their audio or record their audio.  They can answer multiple choices questions or even submit text, videos, or even images.  Responses are then organized and labeled on your dashboard.  This makes it easier for you when it’s time to put together your podcast.

And when it is time to put together your podcast, Rumble Studio has built-in mixing tools to make your job easier.  You can easily arrange audio clips, record or upload an intro or commentary.  You can even use it to add ads to your podcast, which is a great way to earn money on your podcast (for more ideas for ways to earn money on your podcast, click here).

And if you worry that your guest’s recording quality isn’t up to your standards?  Don’t worry!  You’ll also be able to enhance your audio with automatic post-processing.  This could let you reduce noise or silence during the podcast or do auto-leveling.

When your podcast is ready to go, you can export your high-quality audio in FLAC and MP3 formats. This is great because it meets industry standards.

Rumble Studio also has great branding tools.  You can use custom logos, color schemes, fonts, and layouts on your guest interview landing page.

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