Find out what you need to get started making your own movie review podcast

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I love listening to podcasts in the car, while exercising, wrapping presents, and doing other things throughout my day.  I am sure you love listening to podcasts.  But have you ever thought about doing your own podcast?

I am sure you have thought about it.  Haven’t we all?  You could do a podcast about a lot of different topics.  But one podcast topic that can be really great is a movie review podcast.

If you love movies, this is a great idea for a podcast.  I am sure there are a lot of movies you want to talk about.

You could make it a general movie podcast.  Or you could make it more specific.  You could stick to a specific genre of movies, such as romantic comedies, superhero movies, sci-fi movies, blockbuster movies, horror flicks, foreign films, etc.  You could focus on movies that are critically acclaimed – or you could review movies that are so bad they are good.  There are a lot of different directions you could take.  You could do it by yourself or have co-hosts.

The main point is, this is your podcast.  You could format it any way you would like.  This is something you can have full control of.  It can be your own business.

Making Money with Your Podcast

Yes, I said business.  Because the truth is, you can make a lot of money with a podcast.  There are a lot of different ways you can make a podcast.  We go over these ways here.

Get Started With Your Podcast

So I know you want to get started with your podcast.  So how do you begin?

Well, first, if you are making money from your podcast, you need to set up a business.  This will protect you legally.  I have started multiple businesses, and I always set up an LLC when I start a business.  We go over the advantages of starting an LLC here.

Once you have your business, you can get started!

Of course, there are tools you need in order to get started.  We go over a checklist for what to use to get started with a podcast here.