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Have you ever wondered how to edit a PDF file?  There are a lot of reasons why you might need to.

For example, a lot of our readers do affiliate marketing.  And a lot of bloggers that do affiliate marketing create media kits outlining their blog and social media stats.  Then they can send that out to potential companies they want to have a relationship with.  And these media kits will often be a PDF file.  So what happens if you want to change your media kit and it is already a PDF file?

Well, there are a couple of ways, with one being a bit more complicated than the other.  I’ll go over that now.

Google Docs

The first one is through Google Docs.  For this, I will continue with the media kit example.  If you want to edit your media kit, you could first make the media kit in Google Docs.  Then you could convert it to a PDF.  I go over how to do that here.  So then, if you decide to change your PDF file, you would change the original Google Document and then make a new PDF.  So you technically would not be editing the PDF but you would be able to change the PDF without completely starting over.

But if you just want to edit your file?  What if you don’t want to take the time to make a new file?  Or you just want to add something to a PDF file, such as a signature?  Well, then, you might want to look at PDFelement.


PDFelement is hands down the easiest way to edit PDFs.  You will be able to edit texts and even adjust font type, style and size.

You’ll also be able to edit images, too.  You can remove them, rotate them, crop them, copy or paste them, etc.

PDFelement also allows you to edit your pages.  You can insert or replace pages in your PDF easily.  You can also split, crop, and extract pages.  And if you want to add a page label or adjust a page box, you can do that, too.

Editing is not all that you can do with PDFelement.  You can annotate PDFs as well.  This is really great if you are collaborating with someone.  You can add:

  • Comments
  • Text Boxes
  • Stick Notes
  • Stamps
  • Personalized Drawings

And as I mentioned before, PDFelement helps you if you need to sign your name or fill out a form.  This is great if you have tax forms, business forms, etc.

In addition to being able to fill out forms, you can also create PDF forms with interactive form controls.  So if you wanted to create a business form that could be filled out, you can do that with PDFelement.

You can use PDFelement with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, too.

And that’s not all – we’ve got great news for our readers!

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Have you ever wondered how to edit a PDF file? Do you do affiliate marketing & want to change your media kit? Need to make signature or fill out a form? Whatever the reason, we go over 2 ways of how to easily do it