How to start a WordPress website for your comic books

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Are you a comic book artist?  Are you looking to start a website to show off your comic book or graphic novels?

First of all, starting a website for your comic books is a great idea.  It’s a great place people who are interested in your work can go to see your work.  You can put the URL of your website on your sign if you sell your comics at a comic con.

And once your website is out there, people could end up just finding your website through search engines.  This is a great way for people looking for comic books or graphic novels like yours to find yours.

You can also link to your website from your social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).  This is another great way to get people to your website and looking at your work.

Starting Your Comic Book Website

So how do you start a comic book website?  I think you should do it with WordPress!

WordPress is a content management service and a very easy way to start your own website.  There is a reason that so many websites you see online use WordPress.  It is a great way for anyone to create a very professional-looking website.  You don’t even need to have any experience or knowledge of coding.  We used WordPress to create this website.

So how do you start a WordPress website for your comic books or graphic novels?  Well, first, check out our non-technical guide to starting a website with WordPress.  It is a step-by-step guide to creating a new website with WordPress.

Now, as we talk about in our guide, you’ll need a WordPress theme.  This basically refers to how your website will look.  If you get a WordPress theme that is themed for comic books and graphic novels or something similar, then this will make your job a lot easier.  You basically edit in your information and you are ready to go.  And it will look professional and right for your comic books.

So we made a list of the best comic book WordPress themes.

Best Comic Book WordPress Theme

  1. Responsive WordPress Theme Made For Comic Book Artists
  2. Eldon – Artist Portfolio Theme
  3. Illustrator – Illustration & Artist Portfolio
  4. Qusq Pro – Unique Colorful Portfolio
  5. Creative Theme