best lightroom presets for makeup artist photography

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Are you a makeup artist or beauty blogger looking for photography tips?

Maybe you’re happy with the content of your photos, but you feel like the colors just aren’t doing the make-up justice. Or maybe you want to change to focus of your images to highlight your amazing work.

One way to easily bring out the best in your pictures is by using Lightroom presets. These presets work in both Lightroom for desktop (which requires a paid subscription) and on the free mobile Lightroom app.

You can apply the preset with just one click and instantly adjust things like lighting and coloring in your photos.

You can bring out certain parts of your images (like, say, lipstick colors), create a more luxurious look, add a timeless feel & more.

Take a look through this list of the best Lightroom presets for make-up artists & bloggers and find the presets that will best complement your work.

  1. Make Up Lightroom Presets Bundle – You’ll have lots of options with this Make Up Bundle, which includes 155+ beautiful Lightroom presets.
  2. Perfect Makeup Lightroom Presets – This bundle contains 16 Lightroom presets for mobile & desktop that are designed for makeup artists, influencers & salons.  Use these to create more detailed and vibrant photos of makeup, lashes & brows.
  3. Lipstick Mobile Lightroom Presets – Ideal for photos featuring lipstick, these 20 mobile presets produce bold and glamorous images.
  4. Makeup Artist Lightroom Mobile Preset – This photo editing mobile preset, ideal for make-up photography, also comes with a detailed step by step tutorial.
  5. Cosmetics Mobile Presets – With this Lightroom mobile preset pack, you have 1 preset that adds blue in the shadows & 1 that adds magenta.
  6. Nude Tones Desktop & Mobile Presets – Add light beige and brown tones to your make up photos with these 50 Lightroom presets (in both desktop and mobile format). Includes 10 Bold Rouge presets (that bring out bold lipstick reds & warm sepia tones), 10 High Fashion presets (for a luxurious look inspired by fashion magazines like Vogue), 10 Azure presets (creating warm tones with azure blues), 10 Dark Chocolate presets (for a crisp look with dark browns) and 10 Elm Beige presets (for a timeless look).
  7. Best Hair & Beauty Lightroom Presets – You’ll get 40 different presets (available in both desktop & mobile versions) to use with your make-up photos, as well as all beauty photography. Some of the presets include ones designed specifically for brows & lashes, more detailed make up photos, increasing the contrast in make-up images & more.
  8. Skin Tone Perfect Presets – These 6 Lightroom presets for mobile & desktop are ideal for brightening skin tones.
  9. Make’Oups Lightroom Presets – Make your photos brighter and more vibrant with this pack of 5 presets (in mobile & desktop form).
  10. Ultimate Skin Mobile Presets – You can use this pack of 9 mobile Lightroom presets to soften and smooth out skin tones to create a bright glow in makeup photos & selfies.
  11. MUA Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets – With these 5 Lightroom presets specifically for make up artists, you can produce stunningly beautiful photos.
  12. Facebeat Lightroom Mobile Presets – If you’re looking for the best presets for dark skin tones, check out this pack of 6 mobile Lightroom presets. They are perfect for creating a cohesive Instagram look that really stands out.
  13. Glamour & Beauty Lightroom Presets – Create stylish, consistently beautiful photos with these 11 Lightroom presets for mobile and desktop.
  14. Beauty Blogger Desktop & Mobile Presets – These 5 delicate nude presets will create a light & airy look with a focus on enhancing skintone.
  15. Dewy Skin Mobile Presets – Show off smooth, beautiful skin while adding a glossy look with these 4 presets for Lightroom mobile.

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