Reasons why a Business Instagram would be better for your business or blog's brand

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If you have a personal Instagram for your business or blog, you might be wondering if you should ever switch your Instagram account to a business account.  I know some people worry that their Instagram posts won’t get as much reach if they have a business account versus a personal account, but those are really just myths not based in reality.  In actuality, having a business account can really help your business, blog or brand, not hurt. Just consider the following 9 reasons why an Instagram Business Account helps your business:

1) You Can Schedule Photos & Videos

You will save a lot (and I mean a lot!) of time if you can schedule photos and videos to Instagram rather than having to constantly take time out of your day to tend to your Instagram.  If you have a Business Account, you can schedule photos & videos ahead of time. Just get a Tailwind account (we love Tailwind here at Website Tips & Tutorials!) and you’re good to go!  And Tailwind will also give you great suggestions on the best times to post, too.

2) You Can Post on Instagram from a Desktop

Scheduling your Instagram posts through Tailwind is appealing not only because it will save you time by allowing you the ability to post every day on Instagram without having to work your Instagram every day, it also means you can schedule Instagram posts directly from your desktop.  That means that if you like to edit/make photos on your computer through programs like PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro or edit/make videos through programs like MagixVideoStudio, Wideo or Rocketium you can now just easily upload them into an Instagram post.  This will also save you time plus improve your quality of posts.

3) Get Access to Instagram Analytics

Another one of the reasons people love switching to a Business Account on Instagram is for the business analytics.  You’ll be able to get in-depth analysis into who your Instagram followers are (like their ages, gender, where they live, the hours they are active on Instagram, etc.).  You can even access into individual posts. Knowing this can really help you market more efficiently.

4) You Can Run Instagram Ads

With a business account, you’ll be able to run ads in Instagram just the way you run ads through Facebook (Instagram is owned by Facebook, afer all).  This is a wonderful way for you to advertise your business or blog to new audiences.

5) You Can Do Promoted Posts

You can also easily promote a post with an Instagram business account.  And I mean easily – you literally just have to tap the Promote button on your profile and then just follow the prompts.

6) Additional Contact Options

If you have a personal account, you can just list a link to your website in your bio.  That’s it. But with a business account, you can add a phone number, email address and the physical location of your business.  And you don’t just list them; they are actual buttons. People can even click your phone number and call you. People can click your address and be taken to the map so that they can get directions to your business.  Depending on your business, this could significantly help you gain customers and sales!

7) You Can Sell Your Products Through Instagram

If your business sells actual physical goods, then you can sell them through Instagram if you have a Business Account.  This is great because if someone can buy a product while they are still on Instagram, they are more likely to go through with the sale because they have less time to change their mind.  This is only something you can do with an Instagram Business Account (and is made easier if your online store is through a company like BigCommerce that has simple Multi-Channel Selling Options).

8) You Can Add Links on Instagram Stories

With a Business Account, you can add a link to your Instagram stories.  People can swipe up and then get to your website, which is an amazing feature because that’s so much better then having to tell people to click on your link from your contact information.  Unfortunately, though, there is one catch here: this is only available for accounts with 10,000 or more followers.  If you’re bummed by this because you’re not close to 10,000 followers, don’t worry; there are ways you can quickly gain followers.  Just click here to get more information on how to get more Instagram followers so you’ll able to use this function in your Instagram Stories.

9) Gives You Credibility

And finally, having a Business Account can give you credibility.  This could really help customers feel you are more “legit” which can help in sales, gaining partnerships with other businesses, etc.


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If you run a personal Instagram for your blog or business, you should consider switching it to a Business Account. We give you 9 reasons why it will help your business grow from being able to add more links, contact info, get analytics, run ads, sell products through Instagram, etc.