Why you should choose Brilliant Directories to easily create a directory website

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Are you thinking about building your own directory website?  Then you should consider using Brilliant Directories!  Brilliant Directories is such a great choice for a directory website.  They make building a directory website so much easier.  So even if you have no experience building websites, you should be able to do it.

We’ve talked before about how it’s a great choice for a real estate business directory.  But it’s also a great choice for any directory website.  We’ll go over the ten reasons why you should choose Brilliant Directories for your directory website builder.

1. Hosts Your Website

Brilliant Directories does more than just help you build your website.  It also hosts your website.  You get premier cloud hosting with a 99.9% uptime and daily website backups.  You’ll get 10 GB of disk space storage and 10GB of bandwidth each month.  If your website outgrows these limits, you can easily upgrade your plan.

2. Great Design Tools

A key to a good website builder is in the design tools.  The better and easier the design tools are to work with, the better your website can be.  And luckily Brilliant Directories has great design tools.  They have easy point-and-click design tools that can make it easy for you to build your website.  You can upload brand images or use their 500+ icons and graphics.  You get a dropdown menu builder to work with.  And your design is mobile-friendly and app-ready for Android or iOS if you want.

3. Easy Content Publishing

In addition to being able to design your website easily, you want to add content to your website easily.  You can then easily publish a number of features with your website.  This includes classified ads, job listings, property listings, product listings, member listings, etc. which you could use depending on what your website is.  Brilliant Directories provides you with a website blog you can easily use to write blogs.  You can also easily publish a privacy policy and terms of use page.  And if you sell products, you’ll love being able to easily add coupons and deals!

4. Great for SEO

SEO (otherwise known as search engine optimization) is really important for a website.  Using good SEO practices is how you can get your website to rank higher in Google.  And the higher you rank in search engines, the more people will find your website.  So you’ll be happy to know that Brilliant Directories set their customers up well for SEO success.  You’ll get clean, SEO-optimized HTML.  You can customize mega tags & titles.  And you can embed rich snippet data markup.

5. Great Email Newsletter Tools

Getting your website to rank high in search engines is one way to get more traffic to your website.  But you can also use different marketing strategies including email marketing to grow your website.  And you can do this more easily with Brilliant Directories.  Brilliant Directories gives you over 40 pre-made email templates.  You can integrate Brilliant Directories with popular email marketing software like Constant Contact.  Brilliant Directories helps you send email newsetters and helps you with newsletter signup forms.

6. Great Social Media Tools

Email isn’t the only way to market to new customers.  Social media is also a great way to grow your website.  Brilliant Directories provides you with social media share links.  Getting people to share your website or blog entries on social media can be a great way to the word about your website.

7. Great Payment Tools

Are you planning to make money with your website?  If so, Brilliant Directories has you covered.  You’ll be able to process one-time payments on your website and take automated recurring payments.  That’s great if you are going to run a directory website where people pay recurring fees to be listed on your website.    Brilliant Directories allows you to charge customers monthly, yearly or even every 6 months.  They even provide you with a refunds manager and past due payments option.

8. Great Ad Tools

But what if you’re planning on making money on your website with ads?  Well, Brilliant Directories helps you with Google AdSense & banner ad management.  So basically no matter how you make money with your website, Brilliant Directories can help you with that.

9. Great Membership Tools

But let’s say you do make money by allowing customers to sign up as members.  Or let’s say you let customers sign up as members for free.  You need a website builder that can help you set up a website to support that.  And Brilliant Directories absolutely does that.  You can create an unlimited number of membership plans, which gives you the flexibility to build your website the way you want.  Profile pages will be set up immediately for members once they sign up.  Members can be upgraded or downgraded to different membership levels with just one click.  And if you do charge for memberships, Brilliant Directories allows you to track member payment history and easily identify members who are past due.

10. Great Support Tools

But even if they give you easy tools to work with, you may still run into problems.  That’s totally normal for anyone running a website, especially if it is your first website.  But Brilliant Directories can help you there.  They offer free support tools.  They offer a do it yourself set up guide, support documentation and video tutorials you can watch to help walk you through the process.  And if you still have problems, Brilliant Directories offers email ticket support and community forum access so you can ask other users for help.