The one plugin that can solve your email deliverability issue on your WordPress website

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WordPress Not Sending Emails?

Have you ever had trouble with your WordPress site not sending emails?  This is obviously a huge issue.  It could be absolutely devastating to anyone with a small business if you’re not able to send out important emails.

But here is some good news:

  1. You are not alone – this is one of the most common WordPress problems
  2. This is absolutely solvable – and in an easy way!

The Solution

Have you ever heard the WordPress expression, “There’s a plugin for that?”.  As a WordPress user, it’s always good if you can get a plugin to solve a problem if you want to a quick fix.  And luckily, we have the plugin for you.

WP Mail SMTP Pro is absolutely the best plugin to help you in this regard.  This is why over a million WordPress websites use WP Mail SMTP to fix their problems.

WP Mail SMTP Pro

So why do so many people use WP Mail SMTP to solve their problems?  Well, the main reason is: it works!  But we’ll go more in detail to explain why it works.

It Stop Your WordPress Emails From Being Marked as Spam

You know how your email company filters your email for spam?  Well, the negative side of this is that often perfectly non-spammy emails get sent to spam, and that could be happening to your business.  WP Mail SMTP will make sure your emails are properly authenticated using SMTP.  That way, your website’s emails will be recognized as legitimate and then they will bypass those aggressive spam filters.

You Can Take Advantage of White Glove Setup

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular for small business owners and bloggers is that you don’t need technical skills in order to run your own WordPress website.  So because of this, a lot of WordPress users don’t have the technical skills or don’t feel comfortable setting this up on their own.

That is why I know you’re going to love the White Glove Setup, offered for free to WP Mail SMTP Elite customers.

So if you opt for White Glove Setup, you can just sit back and let the expert team at WP Mail SMTP handle this for you!  White Glove Setup includes:

  • WP Mail SMTP plugin installation & setup
  • Configuration adjustments to your DNS for proper email domain name verification
  • Mailgun setup (you will need a Mailgun account for this, but it is free)
  • Final testing to confirm everything is working


If your WordPress website is not sending out emails, then you are going to want to get this fixed ASAP.  And the easiest way to achieve this is to get the WP Mail SMTP plugin.  You can get them to set it up for you.  And then you won’t have to worry about your emails being sent to spam anymore!