Why Dynadot is the most affordable, safest choice for VPS hosting & Domains

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Dynadot Domain & Web Hosting

Are you looking to start a website?  Do you need a domain name and a web host?  Then check out Dynadot.  Today, we’ll go over some of the reasons why you should use Dynadot for both a domain and for hosting.

Dynadot Domains

Dynadot is the best place to go if you want a domain.  That is for a lot of reasons, which we’ll go over some of them now.


One of the things that consistently impresses me about Dynadot is their affordable prices.  Their prices are incredibly fair, especially when you compare them to their competitors.  You don’t have to overpay to get a domain you like.

Dynadot Promo Code for Domain

And now is especially a good time to buy a domain name.  That is because of the current sale Dynadot is having.  If you buy your domain before 6/30/20 and use the promo code “FLASHRR” you can buy a .com domain for just $4.99!  This is an incredible price for a “.com”, which is my personal favorite domain (as you can see, we use “.com” for our website).  So click here to get started.


Another thing Dynadot gives you is domain security.  Domain Privacy can protect you from Spam e-mails, mail, and phone calls.  And Dynadot gives you this domain security at no extra cost!

Domain Search Tool

Another reason to use Dyandot is for its Domain Search Tool.  You can use this to find out if the domain you want is in use.  The Domain Search Tool will tell you if the domain you want is available and how much it costs.  You will also see what similar domains would cost, too.

So what do you do if the domain you want is already in use?  Well, if it is, once you enter into the search tool, you will be told that the domain is in use.  And then the Domain Search Tool will tell you about similar domain names you can use that are available.  For example, let’s say you want “comicbooks.com”.  That domain is taken, but you’ll see that you can get “comicbooks.store” or”comicbooks.cloud”.

But what if you don’t like any of the suggestions?  Or maybe don’t want to pay for the suggestions (for example, “comicbooks.store” costs $6000!).  Or maybe you really, really want a specific domain name.  There are a few other options that Dynadot specifically can help you with.

Getting A Specific Domain With Dynadot

Okay, so let’s say you have your heart on a specific domain name and it is taken.  What then?

One thing you can do is make an offer for the domain name.

One way you can do that through Dynadot is through its partnership with DomainAgents.  This is a domain name brokerage & negotiation service.  For a $19.95 fee, you can make an offer through DomainAgents.  This offer will then be given to the domain owner.   Now, that is no guarantee you will get it.  But if you really want a specific domain, this could work.

The other thing you can do is use Dynadot’s Whois Lookup Tool.  You can use the Whois database to look up the name, phone number, email address, and address of any domain owner.  This is another way you could contact someone who owns a domain in order to make an offer to buy the domain yourself.

Domain Suggestion Tool

So what happens if the domain you wanted is already taken and you can’t get it or don’t want to spend that money.  What now?  One thing you can do with Dynadot is you can use the Domain Suggestion Tool!  Here you can put in some keywords you want and they will suggest a domain name for you!

So let’s go with our previous example of comic books.  I type in comicbooks.com but it is taken.  They suggest ways to change.  One of these suggestions is to add the prefix “top”.  So I can add that, but then that domain is also not available.  So then I decide to add the suffix “online”.  And now “topcomicbooksonline.com” is available, and for an affordable price.  Now I am good to go!

Grace Deletions

Worried that you will regret purchasing a domain right after you buy a domain?  Not a problem with Dynadot!  Dynadot offers a grace deletion period where you can return your domain!

Get a Popular Domain

Not sure what domain you want but you want a good domain that already has good rankings in search engines?  Then consider bidding on a domain in the Dynadot Domain Market!

Dynadot Web Hosting

Dynadot offers VPS Hosting.  I am personally a big fan of VPS hosting.  See, when it comes to hosting, there are certain tradeoffs.  The absolute best hosting would be having a dedicated server.  It is the safest and gives you the fastest speeds.  But unfortunately, it is really expensive.  If you are starting a new website or a website for a new business, having a dedicated server would wreck your budget.

The cheapest option for web hosting would be shared web hosting.  This basically means you’ll share the servers with a lot of other people, which can make it so much cheaper.  But it also means your website is slower.  And the worst part is another website you are sharing with could cause your website to temporarily crash.  That can be devastating for a website.  I know I have personally been on shared hosting for the cost and was incredibly frustrated by how many times my website would crash, losing me a lot of money and business.

So that is why I have had success with VPS Hosting.  That is because VPS hosting gives you the benefits of having a dedicated server without the expensive costs.  VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.  That is because even though you will not have a private server it functions in a similar fashion.  And at only $10/month, Dynadot VPS Hosting is definitely affordable!  Click here to get started.


So as you can see, if you are looking for a great choice for both your domain purchase and hosting, Dynadot is a great choice.