Why e-commerce entrepreneurs should attend the third annual Make it Big conference sponsored by DigitalMarketer

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Make It Big E-Commerce Conference

2020 has been a crazy year.  And you’ve probably not been able to attend any conferences in person yet this year.  But there are virtual e-commerce conferences.  And if you are going to attend just one e-commerce this year, then make it the Make It Big E-Commerce Virtual Conference!

The Make It Big E-Commerce Conference is BigCommerce’s third annual event.  It is a three-day event taking place from October 6th through October 8th.  And it is definitely something we recommend you check out!  Here are a few reasons why.

It’s Free

Okay, so I love attending conferences.  But I hate shelling out lots of money for them.  But guess what?  The Make It Big Conference is completely free!  That’s right, it doesn’t cost you a thing!  So you really have no reason not to attend.

You’ll Learn So Much

And there’s especially no reason to not attend when you think about all you’ll get from this conference.

You’ll learn expert tips and get proven strategies from industry experts.  Want to know how to grow your business?  Stay competitive in your field?  Increase traffic to your website?  You can learn about strategies to do all this and more at this conference.

Great Topics Covered

Now, why will you learn so much?  That is because there are wonderful topics covered during the sessions of this e-conference.  Here is what they have in store.

Day 1

Day 1 will cover scaling your business while lowering costs.

Here are the sessions covered:

  • The Commerce Paradigm Shift and Becoming Your Own Media Company
    • with Ryan Deiss, the CEO at DigitalMarketer
    • This is the keynote session of the day
  • No Coding Required: How Non-Techies Can Build a Beautiful (and Successful) Ecommerce Store
    • with Matthew Coles, Account Director at Modelic
  • How a UK Retailer Expanded Into Ecommerce to Scale Their B2B2C Business
    • with Neil Bruce, Ecommerce Manager at Toolstop
  • How a Female-Founded Fashion Brand Launched Their Online Business Amidst a Global Pandemic
    • with Ethan Giffin, CEO & Founder at Groove
  • Protect Your Brand: How to Combat Fraud To Scale Your Brand and Improve Your Customers’ Experience
    • with Cathy Lui, Head of Fraud Protection at Bolt
  • An Advanced Toolkit For Ecommerce Growth: AI Search and Merchandising
    • with Mark Adams, CEO at Attraqt
  • How to Build a Growth Minded Ecommerce Team
    • with Kevin Buechler, Director, Learning & Organizational Development at BigCommerce

Day 2

Day 2 will cover how to future-proof your company’s business strategies.  Very apropos to the current times, right?

  • How Legacy and DTC Brands Are Redefining the Next Era of Ecommerce
    • with Laura Doonin & Tony Hou, Founder; Partner & Director at the Moustache Republic
    • This is the keynote session of the day
  • The Future of CBD: What’s Coming and What to Expect
    • with Josh Garellek, CEO at Arctic Leaf
  • Offline Retail Isn’t Dead: How to Build An Effective Offline and Online Strategy
    • with Vaughan Fergusson, Founder of Vend
  • A 2020 Trend That’s Here to Stay: Sustainability
    • with Saloni Doshi, CEO at EcoEnclose
  • Why and How B2Bs Should Adopt a B2C Mindset
    • with Ken Cowan, Head of Product Partnerships at Salsify
  • An Investor’s Outlook on What Makes a Successful Online Brand
    • with Jeff Richards, the Managing Partner at GGV Capital/BigCommerce Investor
  • How COVID-19 Has Transformed The Ecommerce Industry
    • with Meghan Stabler, Vice President, Global Product Marketing and Communications at BigCommerce

Day 3

Day 3 is all about helping you build an engaged community & customer base.

  • The Secret to Building and Developing an Engaged Customer Community
    • with Jaclyn Johnson, CEO at Create & Cultivate
    • This is the keynote session of the day
  • Sell Where Your Customers Are With a Social Commerce Strategy
    • with Nathan Lam, Business Product Marketing Lead at Facebook
  • How to Create Holiday Magic During Retail’s Busiest Season
    • with Richard Lindner, President & Co-Founder at DigitalMarketer
  • How Eterneva Reimagined Grief Wellness and Became a Shark Tank Success
    • with Adelle Archer, CEO & Co-founder at Eterneva
  • Content is King: How to Optimize Your Strategy for Growth
    • with Richard Mogendorff & Alex Tovey, CEO & Founder; Chief Growth Officer at Like Digital
  • How To Personalize Your Acquisition Efforts (and Achieve Unlimited Spend)
    • with Ryan Garrow, Director, Partnerships and Client Solutions at Logical Position
  • How To Create a User Experience Your Customers’ Will Never Forget
    • with Buck Sleeper, Director at ePAM


So as you can see, this is definitely a conference you are going to want to virtually attend.  Click here to get started registering for this event.