Why your WordPress online store needs a Facebook for WooCommerce plugin

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If you have a WordPress website with WooCommerce, then you can take your online store to a whole new level with the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin.

Here are 3 different reasons why:

1. With the Facebook pixel installed, you’ll be able to understand your customers better whenever you run a Facebook ad.  Similar to Google Analytics, you’ll be able to:

  • See what happens when your ad is seen (this includes all conversions & sales)
  • You can then show your ad to the people most likely to take specific actions after they click on them (these actions include not only making a purchase but also adding an item to their shopping cart)
  • When people do visit your website, you’ll be able to keep reaching them through additional Facebook ads

2. In addition to helping you with regular Facebook ads, you’ll be able to increase sales by creating an actual online Facebook store.  Customers will literally be able to buy products from your Facebook Business Page, which is great because it can make sales faster, which gives customers less time to change their mind in regards to buying your products.  And this plugin makes it really easy for you to do this, too – in just one click, you can send your entire catalog to Facebook.  And from there, your WooCommerce site is synced with your Facebook store – if you make a change to your WooCommerce site, your Facebook shop will reflect that change, too, without you having to change both!  And that’s not all – you’ll be able to organize your products into collections where you can tag them in photos to increase the products’ visibility.  You’ll be able to show your best selling items on both your Facebook and Instagram.  And since a lot of people use Facebook on their mobile sites, you’ll be happy to know that your Facebook shop makes for a wonderful mobile-friendly shopping experience.

3. Another way you can up your game with Facebook in regards to your online store is by chatting with your customers.  And this plugin allows customers to start a conversation with you on your website and then conveniently continue the conversation through Facebook Messenger.  Messenger is a great experience for customers, so your customers will be happy to be able to interact with your store at any time using Messenger- which should increase your sales.  Messenger will be able to load recent chat history between the customer and your business, so you can keep a conversation going even after they have left your website.  And if you want to respond at a later time to your customer, you don’t have to worry about getting contact information through Chat, you can just do it through Messenger!

And a truly awesome feature of the Facebook for WooCommerce extension is that it is completely free.  It is also included in a really great Woo Marketing Bundle that you will definitely want to check out if you would like to increase your store’s sales and make a lot more money.


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If you have a WordPress website with WooCommerce, improve your website with this free Facebook for WooCommerce plugin, which helps you track your customers better, easily create an online Facebook store by sending your entire catalog to Facebook with 1 click & chat with customers through Messenger on your website. Find out how!