My Maps Location is a great Google map Joomla extension with lots of added modules & plugins

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Are you looking to integrate a Google map with your Joomla website?  Then you should check out My the My Laps Location extension offered by JoomUnited.

It is not only the most advanced Google Map integration for Joomla, but it’s also the highest rated by customers, too.

It’s fairly easy to use, and it loads pretty fast when you consider how powerful it is.

This is really important if you want website visitors to see how far they are to a specific place (like if say you are making a website for a restaurant).

This extension comes with 3 modules:

  • A search module
  • A map module
  • and a K2 module

The location display & search engine are very flexible.  That way, you can create the best user experience for your website.  Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Filter the location search results by country or region (or let them search worldwide)
  • Add tags to your locations, which you can then display as filters
  • Force an address to be loaded by default (this is great when you want customers to easily see how far they are from a specific address)
  • Limit the number of locations in the search results
  • Force a radius distance around a location
  • Filter your locations by categories and subcategories
  • Or results the way you want (by distance, titles and dates)

This is also a powerful extension because of how many locations you can add.  Let’s say you are making a website for a chain that has lots of locations.  This is no problem with My Maps Location.  My Maps Location is compatible with .csv & .kml files from Google Earth.  You can even update all your existing locations from the .csv file.  My Maps Location even stores anonymous statistics of search requests so you can even see which locations get searched the most.

My Maps Location also integrates with a lot of other Joomla extensions on the market like:

  • Google Reviews
  • Jomsocial
  • DJ Classified
  • Community Builder
  • K2
  • Virtuemart
  • Ads Manager
  • Easysocial
  • Item Rating
  • Komento
  • jComments
  • Event Booking
  • Ohanah events
  • Flexicontent
  • Hikamarket + Hikashop
  • Yootheme Zoo

And you don’t have to limit yourself just to Google Maps, too.  You can also use this extension for other maps like MapQuest, OpenStreetMap, MapBox and Bing Maps.

My Maps Location also comes with additional plugins & modules:

  • A search engine as module
  • Map module with the same display options listed above
  • An editor button to add 1 or several locations maps in your text editor

It’s also very affordable.  Just click here to buy this extension and you won’t regret it!