Why InVideo is a great alternative to Lumen5 video editing software

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Lumen5: Great But Expensive

Lumen5 is a great online video maker.  It can help you make high quality videos for your website, blog or social media accounts (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).   You can do this without any previous experience.  And this is wonderful, because having videos is so important if you want a good online presence.

But Lumen5 is expensive.  The lowest option available is $29 a month (or $19 a month if you pay annually, but that’s a lot of money upfront!).  So it’s understandable if you want a Lumen5 alternative that could get the job done without the hefty monthly or annual fee.

And not only can InVideo do that, but it can actually improve on a number of Lumen5’s features.

InVideo: A Great Alternative

InVideo is also an online video editor.  We started using this alongside of using Lumen5.  And we were so pleased with InVideo that we actually cancelled our Lumen5 account!

Now, we should mention that Lumen5 is a little easier to use.  I say this for full disclosure, but I honestly don’t think this should discourage you from getting InVideo.  Because you should be able to do InVideo easily without lots of video editing software.  But it won’t be quite as easy as Lumen5.

But onto the things that make InVideo so great.


So, pricing is the main advantage InVideo has over Lumen5.  We like to use AppSumo to save money on different software we use for our businesses.  AppSumo offers great deals for software, and one of the great deals is for InVideo.

So you know how I mentioned Lumen5’s cheapest plan is $19?  And that’s for just one month?  Well, AppSumo has a deal where you get InVideo for $49.  For life.  Yes, I said for life.  I cannot even begin to describe you how much money this will save you over time.  So you seriously need to take advantage of this deal right this second.  Because AppSumo’s deals do go away after time.  But right now, you just absolutely cannot beat the price of InVideo.

Especially when you consider the other great features of InVideo!


If you make a video with InVideo, you get a 1080p Resolution.  The lowest plan for Lumen5 gets you a 720p resolution.  So your videos will have better resolution with InVideo.


Lumen5 offers you a number of templates to use.  But InVideo offers way more templates to use for your videos.  For example, let’s say you are a travel blogger looking for travel and tourism themed templates. You can choose from over 30 different templates on InVideo, while Lumen5 only has 8. This is great because you’ll be able to easily make lots of unique videos.

Creative Freedom

In addition to the variety of templates, InVideo gives you other features that makes it easier for you to customize your videos.  Take, for example, adding words.  With Lumen5, you have specific places you can put the words.  But with InVideo, you can more choose where you want your words to go.  This can give you a lot more creative freedom when you’re creating videos.


Lumen5 is a great video editing software.  But InVideo gives you the ability to create videos that are more customized with better resolution.  And they do all this while charging you a significantly less amount of money.  So I would get my lifetime subscription to InVideo ASAP!