Guide to using Stripe with WPForms

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Using Stripe with WordPress

Are you considering taking payments on your WordPress website?  Then perhaps you should consider using Stripe.

Why You Should Use Stripe

There are a lot of reasons why you should use Stripe as your payment method.  Chief among them is simplicity.  It is pretty simple to set up Stripe to accept payments.  We’re going to go over later how to do it with WordPress.

And a great thing about Stripe is that you can charge customers on your website with Stripe without them having to leave your website.

Stripe is also great because it can handle so many different charges.  Stripe offers support for credit cards, ACH, and localized payment methods.

Stripe also allows you to work with many different countries since it supports over 135 currencies.  This is really great if you want to accept international payments, which you may want to.  Especially if you offer digital goods.  You limit yourself by only thinking of your country.

Stripe’s fees, too, are very industry-competitive.  And you will get your payments fairly quickly.  I have owned many businesses that accepted payments in many different ways, but Stripe has always been the quickest.  I don’t think I have to tell you how important it is for you to get your money on time!

And Stripe also allows you to easily set up recurring charges.  Depending on your business, this is a really great feature.  Like, for example, if you run a subscription box service, you will need to set up recurring payments.

How to Use Stripe with your WordPress Website

There’s more than one way you can use Stripe for your WordPress website.  But one way I’d like to go over is using Stripe with WPForms.

Using WPForms

WPForms is a really great way to create forms for your WordPress website.  What’s really great about WPForms is how user-friendly it is.  You don’t have to be a WordPress expert to get started with WPForms.  You’ll be able to create forms that can say whatever you want fairly easily with their drag and drop platform.  And WPForms gives you a lot of templates to use so you can quickly create a form to say whatever you want.

Adding a payment method to a form you create is great because you’ll be able to get all the information you want from a customer and get paid in an easy, simple way.

So the first thing I suggest you do is to get WPForms.  Click here to get started.  You’ll need a Pro or Elite Plan to use Stripe.  And you’ll need to add the WPForm plugin to your website.

Once you have WPForms, you can start creating forms.  Here’s a good video to help you make your first form with WPForms:

And once you have WPForms, you can then install and activate the Stripe addon.  It’s pretty easy to use, too.  You can see for yourself here.


If you want to start accepting payments with your WordPress website, then Stripe is the best way to easily achieve this.  And using WPForms is the best way to quickly get started accepting payments so you can start making money!