Top 70 best Shopify home decor themes

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Are you thinking of starting a Shopify store for a home decor e-commerce website?

First of all, great choice in picking Shopify.  Shopify is such a great platform to use to create a new online store.  There’s a good reason why Shopify is used by millions of businesses worldwide.

It is a great way to have one platform to sell all your products.  You can sell your products through your online store, through social media (like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok), through other online marketplaces (like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart).  And you can do this all through one place.

Shopify has other great features, too.  They give you built-in tools to help you market your business and help you with your SEO (otherwise known as search engine marketing).  You’ll be able to easily take credit cards on your website with low credit card rates and no hidden fees.  They offer over one hundred payment gateways.  They offer flexible shipping rates and they automatically handle major country and state tax rates.  These are just a few of the wonderful features Shopify offers its customers.  You can click here to get started with Shopify.

So you know you want to use Shopify.  But how do you make it look like a professional website that sells home decor?

The answer is with a home decor Shopify theme.  You can buy one and then your website will already be set up to look like a professional home decor website.  All you’ll then have to do is plug your information in and you’ll be ready to go!

So we came up with our list of the best seventy home decor Shopify themes out there.  We know you’ll find a great theme for your website on this list!

Best Shopify Home Decor Themes

  1. Stark – Home Decor Shopify Theme
  2. Dkoor – Home Decor & Furniture Shopify Theme
  3. Homes – Home Decor Multipage Minimalistic Shopify Theme
  4. Multifly Interior Design Shopify Theme for Home Decor
  5. Furnimart | Home Decor & Furniture Shopify Theme
  6. Handcrafts – Home Décor and Interior Furniture Shopify 2.0 Responsive Theme
  7. Roset – Responsive Furniture and Interior Design Shopify Theme
  8. Home Decor Responsive Shopify Theme
  9. Decora – Shopify Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme
  10. Homey – Simply Your Home Shopify Theme
  11. Furntune – Home Decor Store Shopify Theme
  12. Housei – Homedecor & Houseplants Shopify Theme
  13. Minimart | Minimal Shopify Theme For Furniture, Home Decor, Interior
  14. Home Decor & Furnishing Online Supermarket Shopify Theme
  15. Shopify furniture theme – Shopify bathroom theme – Shopify decor theme – Shopify kitchen theme
  16. Bavalle – Decor Responsive Shopify Theme
  17. Kardone Furniture Store and Decor Shopify Theme
  18. Ceratic – Ceramics & Pottery Decor Shopify Theme
  19. Milano – The Furniture & Interior Premium Shopify Theme
  20. Optimize – Minimalist Shopify Theme For Furniture, Home Decor, Interior & Gift Shop
  21. Furniture – Decor Shopify Theme
  22. Interio – Furniture & Interior Multipurpose Shopify Responsive Theme
  23. Scraft – Handmade Shop Responsive Shopify Theme
  24. PlantB – Gardening, HomeDecor & Houseplants Shopify 2.0 Theme
  25. Garden Furniture – Furniture & Interior Design Shopify Theme
  26. Alivana – Interior Decor and Lights Shopify Theme
  27. Furniture eCommerce Shopify Theme – Indecor
  28. Florace – Florist Boutique & Decoration Store Shopify Theme
  29. Leo Furniture & Interior Shopify Theme
  30. Morian – Ceramics & Pottery Decor Shopify Theme
  31. Apparelix Antique Store Theme Shopify Responsive Template
  32. Creamic – Handcrafted Store Shopify Theme
  33. Mebelor – Shopify Handmade Furniture Store Theme, Home Interior
  34. Gerbera – Florist Boutique & Decoration Store Shopify Theme
  35. Furniture Shopify Theme – Furni
  36. Navana Furniture – Interior Shopify Theme
  37. Stark – Furniture & Home Decor Shopify Theme
  38. Flaite – Glassware & Equipment Decor Shopify Theme
  39. Modulus – Furniture & Interior Premium Shopify 2.0 Responsive Theme
  40. Platec – Ceramics & Pottery Decor Shopify Theme
  41. IntraArt – Multi-purpose Shopify 2.0 Furniture & Crafts Theme
  42. Luxury Furniture Shopify Theme – ArtFurniture
  43. Floril – Florist Boutique & Decoration Store Shopify Theme
  44. Furns – Simple Furniture Shopify Theme
  45. Poterie – Handmade, Ceramic Artist Shopify Theme
  46. Furniture Store Shopify Theme – Anadi
  47. Gramic – Ceramics & Pottery Decor Shopify Theme
  48. Terry – Furniture Shopify Theme
  49. Heki – Kitchen & Interior Design Modern Shopify Theme
  50. Pyramic – Ceramics & Pottery Decor Shopify Theme
  51. Layla – Shopify Furniture Store
  52. Artrite – Marvellous Art & Paintings Online Store Shopify Theme
  53. Furnilife – Furniture Shopify Theme
  54. Kenzi – Ceramics & Pottery Decor Shopify Theme
  55. Nika – Luxury Furniture Shopify
  56. Antique Store Responsive Shopify Theme
  57. Rette – Furniture Multipage Minimalistic Shopify Theme
  58. Framic – Ceramics & Pottery Decor Shopify Theme
  59. Dot Furniture Shopify Responsive Theme
  60. Foxture – Furniture Shopify MultiPurpose Theme
  61. Kitware – Kitchen & Interior Design Modern Shopify Theme
  62. Reroom – Furniture Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme
  63. Ceratin – Pottery and Ceramics Handmade Shopify Theme
  64. Stuff – Furniture Responsive Shopify Theme
  65. Furniture Shopify Theme – Benco
  66. Louis – Handmade & Craft Shopify Theme
  67. Verito Furniture Store Shopify Theme & Template
  68. Kea – Furniture Shopify Theme
  69. Goetze – Furniture Shopify Theme
  70. Ginza – Minimal Furniture Shopify Theme