Best Joomla education templates

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Are you looking to start an educational website?  Perhaps you have been hired by a school or university to create a website.  Maybe you run a tutoring center.  Maybe you are creating a website that offers online courses.

Whatever your reason, you may consider using Joomla.  If so, check out our list of cheap Joomla hosts.

And you should also know that you can make your job a lot easier by using a Joomla educational theme.  This way, your website will already be designed for an educational website.  You don’t have to waste your time starting your scratch.  And it takes the complex coding out of the equation.

So we came up with our list of the best Joomla educational themes.  We hope you find the perfect one for your website from this list.

  1. Edulif
  2. LearnPro – Education Course Joomla Template
  3. School Portal – Education Multipage Creative Joomla Template
  4. Eduonline – Education & University Joomla Template
  5. Maestro: Multi-purpose Joomla Education Template for eLearning
  6. Sproout – Primary School Modern Joomla Template
  7. Wisdom – Multipurpose & Responsive Education Joomla Temple
  8. Edubuzz – Education Online Courses Joomla Template
  9. University of Stormhall – University Responsive Joomla Template
  10. Edison – Online Education Website Template
  11. Foreign Language Teaching Joomla Template
  12. EduX – Online Courses Joomla Template
  13. National University Joomla Template
  14. Icra – Education Joomla Template
  15. Preschool – Kidcare/Education Theme
  16. EduLearn – Education, School & Courses Joomla Template
  17. University Education/College Joomla Template
  18. School District Joomla Template
  19. LingoAll – Online Courses & Education Joomla 4 Template
  20. Edumen – Education Joomla 4 Template With Page Builder
  21. Kidzy: Responsive Joomla Template for Kindergartens and Elementary Schools
  22. Love of Wisdom School Joomla Template
  23. Varaham – Education University Joomla 4 Template
  24. Education Organization Joomla Template
  25. Langerba – Language School Joomla Template
  26. Private Teachers’ Assistance Joomla Template
  27. sCoolCourse – MultiPurpose Educational Template
  28. Educab – University Education Joomla 4 Template
  29. Uking – Responsive Joomla kindergarten Template
  30. Red Rocket – Primary School Joomla Template
  31. School Blog Joomla Template
  32. Education Joomla Template
  33. Modern and Fancy University Joomla Template
  34. SmartSchool – Creative Responsive School, Education Joomla Template With Page Builder
  35. eSchool – Education & Joomla LMS Template
  36. Educate Education Joomla 4 and Joomla 3 Template
  37. University II – Multipurpose Education Template
  38. KidCourses – Creative Kindergarten & School Joomla Template
  39. Education Centre Joomla Template
  40. Faaculty – University Multipage Modern Joomla Template
  41. Varsita Education Joomla Template with LMS
  42. Language School: Language Institute, Club, and Coaching Joomla Template
  43. Educon Modern Joomla Template for University, College & School
  44. School Nerd – Elementary School Multipage Modern Joomla Template
  45. US School District Website Joomla Template
  46. Med School Responsive Joomla Template
  47. ESP University – Education Center Modern Joomla Template
  48. Edukt – Education Multipage Creative Joomla Template
  49. E School – Professional Learning and Courses Joomla Template
  50. Creatica – Online Courses Responsive Joomla Template
  51. Student Activities – Colleges & Universities Multipage Creative Joomla Template
  52. Education Responsive Joomla Template
  53. Preschool – Children Education Joomla Template for Kindergarten, Child Care Centers
  54. University Responsive Joomla Template
  55. Edumy – LMS Online Education Course Joomla Template