Best 2021 books to help you plan your social media marketing strategy

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If you run a business, website, or blog, then you know that a social media marketing strategy is key to helping your business thrive.  But you also know that social media marketing is a constantly evolving process.  Rules to live by for advertising on Facebook and Twitter four years ago often don’t apply now.  So it’s up to us to keep up with all the trends.

So if you like reading up to help you in your advertising efforts, it’s time to get new books.  Therefore, we came up with our list of the best social media marketing books for 2021.

  1. Social Media Marketing for Business 2021: Plan your Success with the Ultimate Course for Beginners to Master Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SEO, Become an Influencer, and Make More Money: 6 Books in 1
  2. Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Strategy Advice and Tips for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Much More!
  3. YouTube Playbook 2021 : The Practical Guide & Secrets For Growing Your Channel, Making Money As A Video Influencer, Mastering Social Media Marketing, Mastering … (Social Media Marketing & SEO Mastery 2021)
  4. Social Media Marketing for Blogging 2021: The ultimate guide to skyrocket your visibility using all the most profitable platforms
  5. Social Media Marketing 2021: Social Media for Beginners, Instagram Marketing to Become an Influencer, Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords (Analytics, SEO and ADS for Your Business): 4 Books in 1
  6. Discover how to turn your Facebook Page into a Cash Cow with these Facebook Marketing Strategies – Facebook Ads Guide Included: Social Media Marketing 2021
  7. Facebook Marketing Secrets 2021: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Succeed in Advertising, Master this Social Media, Grow your Brand, Get New Customers, Increase your Sales and Profits as Passive Income
  8. Social Media Marketing Mastery 2021: 5 BOOKS IN 1. How to Create a Big Brand. Become a Top Influencer on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter – Personal Branding, Digital Networking & Passive Income
  9. Instagram Influencer Marketing Adversiting 2021: Secrets on How to do Personal Branding in the Right Way and become a Top Influencer
  10. Social Media Marketing Mastery 2021: How to Create a Complete Brand: Become a Skilled Influencer on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
  11. Tik Tok: For Business from Scratch!: 2021 Business Strategies
  12. Social Media Marketing 2021: The Ultimate Mastery to use the secrets of digital Business and become an Influencer This book includes Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook Marketing
  13. Instagram Marketing Blueprint 2021: The Practical Guide & Secrets For Gaining Followers. Becoming An Influencer, Building A Personal Brand & Business … Guide & Secrets For Gaining Followers
  14. Social Media Marketing 2021: Learn How to Market Your Products and Services Using Social Media to Run a Successful Business and Grow your Company
  15. Facebook Marketing Adversiting 2021: How To Make Over $ 20,000 + Each Month Using Facebook Ads To Skyrocket Any Brand And Business Like Dropshipping Or Affiliate Marketing
  16. Social Media Marketing 2021: The Ultimate, Powerful & Exhaustive Guide That Will Make Your Become a Wanted Digital Marketing Professional
  17. 2021 Social Media Planner and Guide: Consistently Better Content
  18. Youtube Marketing Secrets 2021: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Grow Subscribers in your Channel, Set your Video Strategy, Make Money as a Video Influencer on Social Media, and Succeed in this Business
  19. Social Media Marketing for 2021 Beginners: Simple Workbook Strategy for Planning, and Mastery of Online Business & Brand Building Including Content Creation for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and More
  20. Social Media Marketing 2021: Turn your Business or Personal Brand Online Presence on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube into a Money Making Machine – For Beginner and Expert Digital Marketing Enthusiasts
  21. Instagram Marketing Secrets 2021: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Grow your Following, Become a Social Media Influencer with your Personal Brand, set a Business Plan and Make More Money
  22. Social Media Marketing 2021: Learn Essential Marketing Tips and Tricks for Skyrocketing Your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and More
  23. Beyond 2020! Social Media Marketing and Online Business 2021: Rise to the top of the Main eCommerce Platforms Using the Most Unscrupulous and Winning Tactics of Instagram, YouTube & Facebook
  24. Social Media Marketing Strategy 2021: Beyond 2020 by mastery secrets and trends of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to grow your online Business
  25. Digital Marketing for Business 2021
  26. Social Media Marketing Guide 2021 2 Books in 1: Gain Customers Through Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter
  27. Social Media Marketing for Beginners 2021: Turn Your Online Business, Agency or Personal Brand into a Cash Cow using Facebook, Instagram and TikTok – Complete Digital Marketing Strategy Included
  28. YouTube Advertising: Social Media Marketing 2021: How to Become an Influencer of Millions While Advertising & Building a Business Brand-Top Secrets, Techniques & Strategies for Growing Your Channel
  29. Social Media Marketing Revolution Guidebook 2021: Learn about the most profitable secrets to master all marketing tools, generating an abundance of leads and sales. Includes blog & SEO guide
  30. Social Media Marketing 2021: Facebook Advertising: Learn Top Methods, Secrets, & Strategies to Becoming an Influencer of Millions on Facebook-How to Advertise and Build Your Personal Business Brand
  31. Influencer Advertising: Social Media Marketing 2021: Master the Art of Becoming an Influencer of Millions on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter – Top Hacks & Secrets for Growing a Business Brand
  32. Social Media Marketing for Business 2021: Exceed 2020!
  33. Pinterest Marketing 2021: The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing SEO, Proven Strategy, Daily weekly & monthly Task List
  34. Social Media Marketing For Beginners 2021
  35. Social Media Marketing 2021: A Result-Driven Approach A Guide for Start-ups and Small Businesses for Marketing Strategies