Best 2021 books to help you plan your social media marketing strategy

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If you run a business, website, or blog, then you know that a social media marketing strategy is key to helping your business thrive.  But you also know that social media marketing is a constantly evolving process.  Rules to live by for advertising on Facebook and Twitter four years ago often don’t apply now.  So it’s up to us to keep up with all the trends.

So if you like reading up to help you in your advertising efforts, it’s time to get new books.  Therefore, we came up with our list of the best social media marketing books for 2022.

  1. Social Media Marketing 2022: 4 Books in 1: Social Media for Beginners, Instagram Marketing to Become an Influencer, Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords (Analytics, SEO and Ads for Your Business
  2. Beginner’s Guide To YouTube 2022 Edition: How To Start & Grow a Successful & Profitable YouTube Channel (2022 Online Business Guide Books & Planners)
  3. Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Strategy Advice and Tips for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Much More!
  4. Social Media Marketing Workbook: How to Use Social Media for Business (2022 Online Marketing)
  5. INSTAGRAM MARKETING BLUEPRINT 2022: The Best Guide for Beginners Learn how to Gain Followers, Becoming an Influencer and Boost your Business
  6. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR BUSINESS 2022: 6 Books in 1. 2021 Is Over! Use The New Strategies to Make Money Online, Passive Income with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Dropshipping-Shopify & Amazon FBA Paperback 
  7. Social Media Marketing 2022: 3 Books In 1. Surpass 2021! Use The New Digital Strategies And Make Money With Passive Income. Grow Your Business Exploiting The Algorithms of Tiktok, Twitch & Instagram
  8. A Strategic Guides to Facebook Marketing for Business 2021-2022: Learn the Best Digital Advertising Approach Using Facebook (Paperback)
  9. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TIPS FOR 2022: A beginner’s guide on how to use social media to sell higher than your competitors
  10. YouTube Playbook Secrets 2022
  11. Social Media Marketing for Business 2022: Beyond 2021! the Ultimate Mastery Workbook for Beginners, Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs, Use Your Branding on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube
  12. Social Media Marketing Planner 2022: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Socials Medias Strategy to Increase Your Business’s Profit with Facebook, … and Instagram annual Goals men and women
  13. Social Media Marketing 2021-22: Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online. Become a Successful Influencer Through Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin Algorithms. Start Your Passive Income
  14. Social Media Planner 2022 Post Planner: Social Media Marketing For Dummies 2022 , Social Media Planner Youtube 2022
  15. Facebook Marketing 2022: How To Create Effective Ads, Generate Leads And Increase Your ROI (The Beginner’s Guide To Marketing)
  16. Social Media Planner and Guide 2022
  18. Tik Tok 2022: Spread Your Personal Brand, Master Influence Marketing Algorithms, and Grow Your Business on the Newest Social Media Platform
  19. Social Media Marketing 2022 – 4 Books in 1: Complete Workbook to Turn Your Online Business into a Cash Cow with Digital Marketing Strategies for … TikTok, and Start Making Money Today!
  20. Social Media Marketing Algorithms: Best Guide on How to Be a Master of Social Media Platforms & SEO to Make $10K/Month in 2022: Launch Campaigns with Timeless Marketing Strategies & Actionable Steps
  21. Instagram Marketing Secrets: From Zero to One Hundred Thousand Followers. Practical and Quick Guide with Strategies and Techniques to Become a “Real” Influencer and Get Noticed on Instagram
  22. Social Media Planner Youtube 2022: Social Media Marketing For Dummies 2022 , Social Media Planner 2022 Post Planner
  23. Social Media Marketing Strategy 2022 3 Books in 1: Beyond 2021 by Mastery Secrets and Trends of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to Grow Your Online Business. (beginner’s Guide to Work from Home)
  24. Instagram for Business for Dummies (2nd Edition)
  25. Pinterest Post Planner: Social Media Organizer, Content Calendar Marketing Workbook, Track & Analyze Multiple Media Platforms, Plan Your Digital Media Posting Schedule & Content Planner 2022
  26. Social Media Planner 2022 Post Planner: Social Media Marketing For Dummies 2022 , Social Media Planner Youtube 2022
  27. Passive Income 2021/2022: 3IN1:The Ultimate & Reliable Guide for Beginners To Achieve Your Financial Freedom With Three Solid Online Business: Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Fba, Social Media Marketing
  28. TikTok Marketing for Viral Sales: A Young Girl’s Guide to Blowing Customers’ Minds (TEENAGE GIRLS AND BUSINESS)
  29. SnapChat Marketing Techniques : A Marketing BluePrint to Monetize your Followers on SnapChat
  30. Top 10 Instagram Marketing Strategy Suggestions for 2022 Kindle Edition
  31. Facebook Ads 2022: The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Ads to Generate More Leads, Clients, and a Massive Return on Investment
  32. YouTube Advertising 2022
  33. Marketing & Social Media Planner 2022: Social Media for Beginners, Instagram Marketing to Become an Influencer, Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords
  34. Instagram planner 2022: Post Planner, Goals & Content Calendar for Instagram influencer Paperback gift for children or adults who are learning Instagram marketing and social media planning
  35. TikTok Marketing Training Guide | TikTok Social Media Marketing