Our list of the best Shopify cosmetics themes

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Are you thinking of starting an online store for cosmetics?  First of all, great choice.  Cosmetics is a booming industry.  Starting a store where you sell cosmetics directly to customers or a cosmetic dropshipping website is a great idea.

So if you are starting a website, then you need a platform for your website.  And a great choice for that is Shopify.  Shopify is a wonderful choice for cosmetics websites.  A lot of cosmetics websites use it, including Kylie Cosmetics.  You can get started for $1/month with a special deal for Shopify here.

Shopify is great because it gives you everything you need for your e-commerce business.  Not only does it host your website but it gives you easy drag-and-drop tools to create your website.  So whether this is your first website or your one-hundredth website, building the website building your website can be a seamless endeavor.

Especially if you get a Shopify theme.  A Shopify theme is basically how your website is displayed.  And if you get a Shopify theme that is specific for cosmetics, then you won’t have to waste time with lots of customizations.  You can just plug your information in and then get started!

So we came up with our list of the best Shopify cosmetics themes.  Hopefully, you can use one of these for your website!

Best Shopify Cosmetics Themes

  1. Shopify Pink Cosmetics Theme Template website
  2. Clinique Cosmetic Shopify Theme
  3. Iva – Cosmetics Shopify Theme
  4. GLAMOUR Shopify Theme for Cosmetics
  5. Refined – Cosmetic Shopify Theme | Beauty Shopify Template | Clean, Minimal & Feminine Design | Editable Canva Templates
  6. Uneko – Cosmetics Shopify Theme
  7. Pink, Black & White Cosmetics Beauty Website | Shopify Theme
  8. Looki – Beauty & Cosmetics eCommerce Shopify Theme
  9. Karl – Beauty & Cosmetics Shopify Theme
  10. Glow – Beauty & Cosmetics Shopify Theme
  11. Lilac – Beauty Cosmetic Shopify Theme
  12. DUDU – Beauty Cosmetic Shopify Theme
  13. Sheena – Beauty Cosmetic Shopify Theme
  14. Luxe – Skincare Shopify Theme | Beauty Shopify Template | Cosmetic Shopify
  15. Jesmani – Perfume & Cosmetics Shopify 2.0 Theme
  16. BeautyBliss – Beauty Shopify Theme | Skincare Shopify Template | Cosmetic Shopify
  17. Cosmify – Fashion Cosmetic Shopify Theme
  18. Beaution – Beauty and Cosmetics Shopify Theme
  19. Amiy – Beauty & Cosmetics Shopify Theme
  20. Cosma – Beauty Cosmetic Shopify Store
  21. Shallow – Beauty & Cosmetics Shopify Theme
  22. Hiyati – Beauty & Cosmetics Shopify Theme
  23. Beautice – Beauty & Cosmetics Shopify Theme
  24. Lammer – Beauty and Cosmetics Shopify Theme
  25. Be-You | Fashion Beauty, Cosmetics Shopify Theme