Best Lightroom Presets for Astrophotography to brighten and add clarity to outer space photos

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Astrophotography Editing

Are you a fan of astrophotography? This includes photography of the night sky, celestial events, and astronomical objects. Taking such pictures can be fun and rewarding.

But sometimes the photos don’t turn out exactly as you’d planned. They might be too dark, or certain parts of the image might not show up very well.

Luckily, there’s an easy way you can edit your images to add clarity, brighten, increase warmth and more. And that’s with Lightroom presets.

You can use the free Lightroom app for photo editing. Or, if you prefer, you can use Lightroom on your laptop or desktop computer (as long as you get an Adobe Lightroom subscription). Other than price, there are advantages of both versions. Part of it comes to personal preference (like whether you feel more comfortable on your computer or on your phone). For me, I tend to work faster using the desktop version, but I’ve also appreciated using the app while on the go (like when I’m traveling).

Either way, though, Lightroom presets allow you to adjust your photos with just one click. This is an excellent way to improve your photography, as well as your social media posts (like on Instagram or Facebook) and website or blog images, without having to do anything complicated.

We’ve put together a list of the top 23 Lightroom presets designed specifically for astrophotography. You will be sure to find something perfect for your photos!

Best 23 Astrophotography Presets

  1. Galaxy Pack, Deluxe Edition – 2 Lightroom Presets for Desktop & Mobile Each
  2. Astro Photography – 20 Desktop Lightroom Presets for Sharpness & Clarity
  3. Night Skies – 15 Desktop & Mobile Presets for Milky Way & Night Sky Photography
  4. Milkyway – 10 Gorgeous Lightroom Presets
  5. Lost In Space Pack of 5 Lightroom Presets
  6. AstroPhotography – 20 Premium Lightroom Presets (Includes “Meteor,” “Cosmos,” “Moon,” “Nebula,” “Space,” and more)
  7. Nightscape – 32 Lightroom Desktop Presets with 60+ Tools for Professional Editing
  8. Aurora – 20 Mobile & Desktop Presets for Photos of the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights
  9. Astrophotography – 10 Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets (Including “Astro-Orion,” “Astro-Virgo,” “Astro-Moon,” “Astro-Ursa Major,” “Astro-Mars” & more)
  10. Stars & Night Sky Lightroom Presets – 10 Lightroom Desktop Presets for Milky Way & Stars Photos
  11. Astro Photo Lightroom Preset
  12. Night Sky – 10 Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets for Meteors, Star Trails & Milky Way Photography
  13. Milky Way Saturation Preset for Adobe Lightroom
  14. Northern Lights – 30 Lightroom Presets
  15. Milky Way LR Preset for Photographers and Designers
  16. Night Sky – 11 Presets for Lightroom Desktop (Including “Boost Shadows,” “Warm a Cold Milky Way,” “Smooth Dream,” “Sharp Black and White,” “Reduce Light Pollution” & more)
  17. Astrophotography Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Preset
  18. Midnight Lightroom Preset
  19. 10 Night Sky Lightroom Presets
  20. Milky Way & Stars Lightroom Mobile Preset
  21. Astrophotography – 3 Night Sky Lightroom Presets for Desktop & Mobile
  22. Night Sky Preset for Lightroom Mobile & Desktop (Astrophotography Filter)
  23. Northern Lights Mini-Series – 3 Lightroom Presets