Architecture Best Lightroom Presets

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Do you share a lot of photos of architecture on your blog or social media? Whether you run an architecture blog, work for an architecture firm, or are a real estate agent, you might post a lot of building photography online.

An easy way to make sure your architecture photography looks its best is by using Lightroom presets. With a Lightroom preset, you can edit how your photo appears with just one click. You can use Lightroom in desktop form (on a desktop computer or laptop) with a subscription. And you can use Lightroom in mobile form (iPhone or Android) for free!

If you’d like to use Lightroom on your photos of structures and buildings, then Website Tips & Tutorials has you covered. We’ve put together a list of the 20 best Lightroom architecture presets.

In the image above, the top photo was edited using a preset from the first option in the list, and the bottom photo was edited using a preset from the second option in the list. But all of the presets are excellent for editing architectural photography.

Top 20 Lightroom Presets for Architecture

  1. Architecture – 20 Desktop & Mobile Presets for Lightroom (5 Minimalist presets, 5 Poolside presets, 5 Twilight presets and 5 Depolarize presets)
  2. Architecture and Interior – 11 Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets
  3. Vintage Architecture Preset Pack – 9 Lightroom Presets for Desktop and Mobile
  4. Architecture – 15 Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets by MintDesign
  5. Exterior Collection – 15 Lightroom Presets
  6. Architecture – 10 Mobile Presets and Lightroom Profiles
  7. Urban Architecture – 4 Lightroom Presets for Mobile and Desktop
  8. Architecture Collection – 10 Presets for Lightroom Mobile and Desktop
  9. Brutalist – 20 Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Presets (5 Concrete Jungle presets, 5 Utilitarian presets, 5 Empty Corridor presets and 5 Forgotten Dreams presets)
  10. Architecture – 10 LR Mobile & Desktop Presets for Bloggers and Influencers
  11. Real Estate Exterior Collection – 67 Lightroom Presets
  12. Architecture – 5 Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Presets
  13. Minimalist House – 16 Bright Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets for Minimalist Architecture and Real Estate Photography
  14. Architecture Bundle – 10 Desktop & Mobile Presets by Juicy Looks
  15. Architectural Elegance – 40 Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets
  16. Real Estate Preset Pack – 10 Lightroom Presets for Mobile and Desktop
  17. Architecture Preset Pack – 3 Crisp Lightroom Desktop Presets
  18. Elegant Architecture Presets – 19 Lightroom Presets for Mobile and Desktop
  19. Architecture Collection – 30 Dramatic Presets (Urban Jungle Presets, Architecture HDR Presets, and Urban Moods Presets)
  20. Architecture & Interior Design – 15 Professional Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets