Our list of the best educational themes for Drupal websites

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Are you looking to start a website that offers online courses?  Maybe you were hired to start a website for an educational institute.  Or maybe you own a business that offers educational services such as tutoring.

Whatever your reason for starting an educational website, you may be thinking of creating this website with Drupal.  Drupal is after all a very popular way to create websites.  It is great to use if you want to create something that is more powerful than just a landing page.

If you are using Drupal, you’ll want to get a theme for this Drupal website that is themed for education.  It will make starting your website a lot easier.  The less customizations you need to make, the quicker you can get your website started.  And this is great whether you were hired to create the website and you need to complete it by a certain time or you’d just like to start earning money online as soon as possible.

So that is why we came up with our list of the best Drupal education themes.  The list is varied enough to fit a variety of needs, so one of these should work for you no matter what you want to do with your new website.  We hope you find the perfect one for your website on this list.

Best Drupal Education Themes

  1. Edmix – Powerful Education, Courses Online Drupal 10 Theme
  2. Education Drupal Theme TB University
  3. Upside Education Drupal Theme
  4. Edupia – Powerful Education, Courses Online Drupal 10 Theme
  5. Unix – Powerful Education, Courses Online Drupal 10 Theme
  6. Edubiz – Powerful Education, Courses Drupal 10 Theme
  7. Remakri – Education Course Drupal 8.9 Theme
  8. Eduworld-Education, Courses Online Drupal 8.6 Theme
  9. Private Teacher Drupal Template
  10. Education Drupal Template
  11. Universh – MultiPurpose Drupal Theme
  12. WT Education Drupal Template
  13. Education Responsive Drupal Template
  14. National University Drupal Template
  15. Primary School Drupal Template
  16. University Responsive Drupal Template
  17. Online Business School Drupal Template
  18. Dark Blue University Drupal Template
  19. Modern University Drupal Template