Affordable deal for lifetime access to great email validation tool

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Have you ever wondered why more people don’t open your email newsletter?  Well, there are many reasons why this can happen.  You could need email subjects that grab customers more.  You could benefit from something like email list segmentation, where you send different emails to different customers.  This is something you can do if you use Constant Contact for your email marketing services.  You could be sending your emails at the wrong time.  This is something you can solve if you use an email marketing service like AWeber where you can schedule your emails.

But have you ever considered the problem could be in the emails you send out?  Not all your emails could be valid emails.  And if that is the case, you are really losing out.  Not only are these emails pointless since no one will be opening them.  But it could also be costing you money.  A lot of email marketing services charge you based on how many email subscribers you have.  So you don’t want to be charged for subscribers whose email is invalid.  Additionally, you could get penalized – or worse, blacklisted – by email providers for continuing to send messages to invalid email addresses.

So what you need is an email list validation tool.  This can clean up your email list so to speak so you’re only sending emails to the right email addresses.  And your best choice for this is the Email List Validation Tool.

Email List Validation Tool

Email List Validation is a tool that helps scrub your email list.  As the name would imply, it is a great tool that validates the emails on your email list.  They use a multi-level verification system and this ensures the highest deliverability.  It is GDPR-compliant.  They use powerful encryption to protect user data.

And it is so easy to use!  You won’t have to check emails one by one to see if they are valid.  They have a bulk email verification tool.  That allows you to either upload your lists to the platform or you can use CRM integrations to import your lists.  Either way, this will save you a lot of time.  They even give you real-time verification to stop bad emails before they even get on your lists in the first place.  The API they use even comes in four different languages, so you can easily customize it and fit it into your ecosystem.  It integrates with all of the major marketing services, too.

So, with all that, you might think this is expensive, right?  But that’s the great thing.  Normally, it would be.

But I have found a fantastical deal for Email List Validation.  It is on a significant discount. And the best part is that it is a lifetime deal.  That means that unlike with other email list validation services, you won’t have to keep paying month after month.  You pay just one time and then you are set.  Just click here to get started.  And don’t delay getting started – a deal this good won’t last forever!