Why you should use hCaptcha for privacy & security reasons for your website

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Best Google ReCaptcha Alternative: hCaptcha

Are you looking for an alternative to Google ReCaptcha?  Then you will love WPForm’s new hCaptcha!

hCaptcha is available for free to anyone who uses WPForms v1.6.4.

Here are seven reasons why we think you will love using hCaptcha.

1. It’s Easy to Set Up

It won’t take you long to set this up.  You’ll be able to replace what you are currently using with hCaptcha within minutes.

2. Better User Experience

You know how Google ReCaptcha often has users do really annoying tasks?  WPForms uses sophisticated machine learning models that give tasks to users that are less annoying and take less time but still get great results.  They use simple tasks, like finding matching pictures.  Or maybe the user will see a picture of orange and then they have to categorize it as an orange.  This is hard for a robot to do, but easy for an actual human.  So everyone wins!

3. Focuses on Privacy

hCaptcha has a real focus on privacy.  This is because when you go with an ad network, they view your users as your product.  But hCaptcha doesn’t care who your users are.  They just want to keep your website safe.

hCaptcha’s privacy policy is compatible with recent, important regulations like GDPR and CCPA.  They also support initiatives that support a balance between privacy and security, like Privacy Pass.

4. Focuses on Security

When you go with Google’s reCaptcha, once again, you are working with a huge advertising company.  The honest truth is that blocking bots can reduce revenues for companies like this.  But that’s not the case for WPForms.  So you know you can trust WPForms more to truly focus on security.

5. Difficulty Settings

Personally, I love it when you get options.  And hCaptcha delivers in that front.  You can choose between different difficulty settings.  You can even have a different difficulty level depending on what part of your website your user is on.

For example, you can set it to easy when people are signing up for your e-mail list.  Because we want a lot of people signing up for your e-mail list, right?  But you might want to make your password reset option to be set to a higher difficulty setting to prevent spammer abuse.

And it’s really easy to set the difficulty settings, too.  There is a difficulty slider and all you have to do is slide it to the difficulty level you want.  You can choose between easy, moderate, difficult, or always on.

6. It is Free

This is great, because who doesn’t like free?  hCaptcha is free no matter if you are a one person business or a large enterprise.  There are, however, enterprise solutions available if you need them.  Enterprise solutions give you extra perks like Multi-user dashboards, SAML SSO, advanced reporting issues, bot confidence scores, etc.

7. It is Charitable

And finally, using hCaptcha can be a good thing for you to do for just simply the reason of being good!  hCaptcha lets you use some of the earnings you gain from using it towards your favorite charities!

More Information

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