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Pinterest can be an excellent way to promote your website – but it can also take up a lot of your time.

That’s why a lot of bloggers and online business owners use Pinterest schedulers so that they can make their pinning more hands off – the schedulers will pin for you!

Two very popular social media tools are Tailwind and Hootsuite.

Both are Pinterest marketing partners – this means that Pinterest approves of their use and it isn’t breaking any of Pinterest’s rules.

Tailwind offers services for multiple social media platforms (such as Instagram and Facebook) but is best known for Pinterest scheduling.

Hootsuite is fairly well known as a social media tool and first partnered with Pinterest in 2018.

So how do you know which one to use?

We’ll take a look at 6 advantages of Hootsuite and 6 advantages of Tailwind so that you can pick the scheduling tool that’s best for you!


  1. You can schedule pins to different boards & at different intervals. This is a tremendous help for scheduling a pin to multiple boards and making sure you don’t pin them too close together. (Benefits of spreading pins out including not seeming “spammy” as well as exposing your pins to different audiences when you pin at different times.)  Hootsuite does allow you to schedule a pin to more than one board, but without spreading them out by intervals specified by you.
  2. You can easily see which board your pin is on. With Hootsuite, even when you click on your scheduled pin to expand it, you cannot tell what board it is scheduled for – you have to actually go in to edit the pin to see the board.
  3. You can schedule a pin straight from the website with the browser extension – whether it’s your own website or someone else’s. Similarly, you can use that extension to schedule from an already published pin. While Hootsuite does have an extension/bookmarklet, it does not seem to allow scheduling to Pinterest, just to other social media platforms.
  4. You can enter Tribes which helps promote your pins. Tribes are a bit like group boards, but with more accountability.  You share pins and you schedule pins from others. In addition to the big advantage of promoting your pins, it’s also a great way to find other quality content for your own boards.  Hootsuite does not have any tribes.
  5. You can see analytics for Pinterest.  You can do things like sort your group boards, or all your boards, by number of repins.  You can also sort individual pins on particular boards (or all boards) by number of repins.  Tailwind will also help you see how you’re doing on a daily basis in terms of things like follower growth.  Unfortunately, Hootsuite offers no analytics.
  6. It is cheaper.  If you pay annually, it will cost you the equivalent of $9.99 a month. Hootsuite, on the other hand, costs $29 a month.


  1. I much prefer the interface for Hootsuite.  I like the calendar layout of the schedule itself (the Planner tab of the Publisher section) and how easy it is to click to add a new pin.
  2. When you start scheduling a pin, everything is blank.  There are even messages given if you forget to fill something out.  With Tailwind, they automatically the URL filled in – it’s a link to your homepage even though a lot of my pins should be going to specific blog pages.  It not only takes time to have to change it, but if you forget your pin could be going to the wrong page. With HootSuite, I feel more comfortable I’m going to get the information right.  I also really like how when you put in all your information to schedule a pin, you see the preview on the side so you can spot check to make sure everything looks right.
  3. It’s easier to schedule to all your social media accounts at the same time – you can just click on the calendar and choose “New Pin” (for Pinterest) or “New Post” (for another social media platform, like Facebook).
  4. Hootsuite is not as buggy as Tailwind (for example, no “file not found” errors when uploading images like what happens sometimes on Tailwind).
  5. When you write a description for Pinterest, it counts your characters so you know if you are way under or over the 500 limit.  Tailwind does not do this.
  6. More social platforms are included in the price of 1 account – 10 social profiles as opposed to only 1 offered on a regular plan with Tailwind.

Want to try Tailwind or Hootsuite for yourself?

You can get a free month of Tailwind here.

You can also get a trial of Hootsuite here.

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A comparison of Hootsuite & Tailwind for a Pinterest scheduler. See their advantages, disadvantages, whether they're worth the cost, which is cheaper, easier to use, etc. Useful business tips for bloggers & small business owners