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Have you ever wanted to resize multiple images at once?

With this free Image Resizer for Windows, you can do just that!

If you post a lot of pictures on your blog, you may have run into this problem – preparing those images can take forever, especially if you use photos from your phone.

However, it’s important that the images you upload to your blog or website don’t have dimensions that are too large.

Here’s what Kinsta (one of my all-time favorite web hosts!) has to say regarding resizing images for your website*:

The best method is to quickly resize the image in a photo editing tool beforehand, and then upload it

Luckily, this free resizing tool will save you tons of time getting pictures ready for blog entries. You can quickly reduce the file dimensions of lots of pictures at once before you upload them to your blog.

Once you have this tool, you can even resize the images straight from a file folder – no visiting websites or waiting for photo editing software to open on your computer.

In this video tutorial, we show how to download the resizing tool and how we used it to easily resize 44 images at the same time. You can also check out the transcript below.

Transcript of video tutorial:

So today, we’re going to look at a way, a really easy way to resize a bunch of images at once.

I’ve been looking for a really good way to batch resize a large number of images, and I found this Image Resizer for Windows online, which I love.

So you just hit “Download” and once it’s downloaded, you could go to a folder – I’m gonna copy all these pictures I need to resize them for a blog entry, and I don’t want to have to do it one by one, so I’m gonna do CTRL + A to select all of them.

I’ll right click and now I have the option to resize pictures, so I’ll click on “Resize pictures”.

I’m going to do custom because I want all of them too have a width of 700 pixels or thereabouts, and if I wanted, I could click on “Make pictures smaller but not larger”. That just makes sure that it doesn’t expand any pictures [if they already start with a width less than 700 pixels], but all my pictures are pretty big, so I don’t have to worry about that.

So I just click on “Resize” and there you go – now all 44 pictures just like that have been resized! All of them that are resized, they just say “(Custom)” [at the end of the filename].

And you can see, or I can see if i click on it – I’m good to go, and they’re all 700 [pixels wide]. A few of them are a little bit less, but I’m cool with that. I could resize by hand, but I’m good with this.

So when I first got it, I thought, you know, is there any loss of quality in image when resizing because the file size is obviously a lot smaller, so we’re going to test that out.

We’ll take this picture, Saratoga-Springs-Dining-1, and we’ll go over to PIXLR, which is a great editor and how i used to do it by hand one by one.

So I’m going to open the image [in PIXLR]. I’ll go to image size. I’ll resize it for a width of seven hundred pixels. And i’m going to go ahead and say 100% quality, best quality. I’ll write “Resize” at the end [of the filename] and save it.

So I’m gonna go back to my folder, and I’ll open up the resized version, and I’ll open up the custom version that I got from the batch resize. And if I go back and forth, I can see that they’re very similar in quality and any minor difference in quality – I’m okay with that.

And to make it a little less confusing, since I’ve got basically duplicates of these – well not duplicates the smaller versions. [So I have two versions of the same image in the folder.]

I can search & find the word “Custom”. And I’ve already created this empty folder. And I can select all of these [images with the word “Custom” in the filename] and move all of my “Custom” or resized ones to my new folder. And there you have it.

I hope this helps you resize a large number of pictures very quickly. Thank you.


* – Kinsta has a lot of great advice about images, including tools to optimize them further (reduce the file size even more) after you’ve resized them. I highly recommend checking out Kinsta’s useful image optimization blog entry – and if you are looking for a new web host, then I highly recommend them for that as well! I have had great experiences as a Kinsta customer.