How bCast can help you increase email list, affiliate sales

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Podcast Lead Generation

Working on a podcast can be a lot of fun.  But it can also be a great thing to do to generate sales for your business.  You can create podcasts on topics that are similar to your business.

For example, let’s say your website sells products for children.  Having a podcast aimed towards moms would be perfect for you.  Same with a blog about parenting that makes money from affiliate marketing.  The audience of your podcast would be exactly the right type of customer for the companies you work with.

But the thing is, it’s not enough to just have the podcast.  You have to be able to properly use your podcast for lead generation.  You may have a podcast right now.  It may be a popular podcast.  But you may not be seeing the increase in sales or website hits that you want.

But guess what.  There’s one thing you can do that can make all the difference in the world.  And that is bCast.


Now, what is bCast?  It is a podcast platform that helps you transition your listeners into business leads.

Now, how do you do that?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  bCast has a few wonderful features for podcasters.

Auto Opt-In

One of those is the Auto Opt-In.  So let’s say you have an offer you want to give your listeners.  Well, with bCast’s Auto Opt-In generates an email address that you can read on-air.   Listeners then message that address and opt-in to take advantage of your offer.

bCast then sends that lead directly to your CRM.  Or you can use the Zapier webhook integration to interface with your email marketing software.  Now you can get your listeners into your sales funnel without having to take all those extra steps.

Auto Transcription

bCast also automatically transcribes your podcast.  You can load the text onto your website.  This is huge if you want to make more money.  Why?  Because of the SEO opportunities!  The negative of having great content in your podcast is that there is no way for any of the material to show up for Google crawlers.  But if the whole transcript is on your website, now it can.  So you can get more hits on your website because of the podcast you created.  And those hits can become leads!

Dynamic Content Insertion

Let’s say you want to add a call to action to your podcast.  After all, calls to action are a great way to generate leads, right?  Well, you can easily add it to your podcast with Dynamic Contest Insertion.  You can plug audio clips where you promote your call to action straight into your recording with only a few clicks.  This saves you so much time – and makes it a lot easier for you to quickly add ways of gaining leads into your podcast.

Podcast Distribution

Now, one way you can get more leads is to get your podcast out there on more platforms.  After all, the more places people can find your podcast, the more people who will find your podcast, right?  bCast allows you to easily distribute your podcast to popular podcast platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify, Podbean, Castbox, Overcast, etc.

bCast also has one-click distribution.  What does this mean?  Now, let’s say your podcast has been submitted and approved by Apple.  All you have to do is submit that in bCast on the “Directories” tab.  Now bCast does the rest.

bCast Deal

So, there are a lot of reasons podcasters should get bCast.  But I am going to give you one really good reason to get it now.  And that is the incredible deal they have going!  Click here to check this deal out.

Now, why is this deal so great?  Because it is a literal lifetime deal!  You can get lifetime access to bCast with just one purchase!

And this will save you a ton of money.  Because it starts right now at $79.  Normally that would be $900.  Yes, you read that right.  A savings of over $800.  Do you know how many other ways you can spend that money?  So, yes this is a great deal!

Not to mention that bCast is a podcast platform.  So let’s say you are currently paying a monthly fee for another podcast platform.  You can switch to bCast and then pay the lifetime fee.  And now you’ve just reduced your monthly expenses!  This can definitely increase your profits.  So who wouldn’t want that?

Therefore, this is definitely a deal all podcasters should take advantage of!