Social media marketing advice: which is better, missinglettr or blue strawberry?

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How would you like to have social media campaigns for your blog posts generated for you automatically?

That’s the idea behind the social media marketing platforms MissingLettr and Blue Strawberry.

Whenever your blog is updated, the platforms will automatically create drip campaigns for your new blog entry. These campaigns can be for Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and/or Twitter. With a drip campaign, social media posts will be spread out over a set period of time (such as one week, one month, one year, etc).

Basically, the platforms automatically produce these campaigns, which you can edit and adjust. They’ll suggest hashtags and quotes from your content, and you can choose from those hashtags and quotes or provide your own. You can use photos pulled from your blog entry, or you can upload new photos. Then, you launch your campaign, and you’re done! You can go weeks, months, or even a year not having to worry about promoting that content on social media, because it will already be scheduled.

If this is a service that interests you, then you may be wondering which you should choose, Missinglettr or Blue Strawberry. In this comparison, we’ll let you know which is better when it comes to various features, and which overall is the best option for you. See this before you decide which platform to use!

Ease of Use

For me, this is the biggest difference between the two platforms. While preferences certainly vary from person to person, for me, Missinglettr was a lot easier to use. Overall, it was a more intuitive, while Blue Strawberry was clunkier. And there certainly were specific times Missinglettr was more user-friendly.

For instance, suppose you set up your campaign and then you realize you need to make a change to one of the days. With Missinglettr, you can go to the calendar (more about that feature later) and press the Edit button on any scheduled post to make the needed changes. That way, you can edit one individual post without messing with the other posts in the campaign. Unfortunately, with Blue Strawberry, I couldn’t find a way to edit a scheduled post except by placing the entire campaign back in drafts.

And Missinglettr was more likely to work as expected. For example, in a drip campaign through Blue Strawberry, mixed within the hashtags (more about those later as well!) on one of my social media posts was a random “#” with no word next to it. I’m not sure why that showed up, but I’ve never noticed anything like that with Missinglettr.

Also, while by default Blue Strawberry should start a campaign the day after you create it, it hasn’t always done that for me. The last campaign I created, I really wanted it to start the next day. For some reason, it only scheduled the Facebook part of the campaign to start the next day. The Twitter part wasn’t scheduled to start until a day after that. These may sound like minor details, but it can be both frustrating and time consuming to fix these things. And that’s the opposite of what an automated scheduling tool should be.

Advantage: Missinglettr


As referenced earlier, both platforms provide a calendar displaying the social media content you have scheduled.

Here is the Missinglettr calendar. You can choose between a daily, weekly, or monthly view. I personally like the view by week, which is also the default view.

Missinglettr Calendar of Scheduled Content to Social Media Accounts

And here’s what the Blue Strawberry calendar looks like. There is not an option to view by day or week, only by month.

Blue Strawberry Social Media Scheduler Calendar of Posts

I like how you can easily see the time each post is scheduled with the Missinglettr calendar. The calendar for Blue Strawberry isn’t as informative at a glance.

Advantage: Missinglettr


When you build your campaign, both platforms suggest hashtags you can use. You also have the option to add your own. For both Missinglettr and Blue Strawberry, I tend to mostly just add my own, as opposed to using their suggestions. However, Blue Strawberry has only ever suggested one word hashtags for my campaigns, and they aren’t always ideal.

For example, when I was creating a campaign for a blog entry about Kansas City, Missouri, two of the 10 suggestions by Blue Strawberry were #Kansas and #City. While both words are part of the blog entry, they don’t really work well as single word hashtags for that blog entry. Missinglettr is a little better at coming up with hashtags that might work.

Advantage: Missinglettr


So far, we’ve talked about creating social media campaigns based on your blog posts. But both Missinglettr and Blue Strawberry allow you to create campaigns for your YouTube videos as well. And just like they pull quotes from your blog entries to use in your social media posts, they will pull quotes from your video. (That part doesn’t work if your video doesn’t have any spoken content; but if you do have spoken words during your video, this is a pretty neat feature.)

In fact, the whole process works pretty similar to how they create campaigns from your blog entries, with one exception. Missinglettr will not have any images – you’ll need to upload any photos or graphics you’d like to use in your social media posts. With Blue Strawberry, they’ll pull your video’s thumbnail for you, so you can just use that without having to upload anything.

Advantage: Blue Strawberry

Curating Content

If you’re looking to curate outstanding content relevant to your field, then you’ll want to take advantage of the Curate feature offered by Missinglettr. It’s an easy and quick way to make sure your social media feeds are sharing a mix of your own content along with excellent content from other sources. Blue Strawberry does not include any content curation features.

Advantage: Missinglettr


Missinglettr has three plans:

  • Free – $0/month
  • Solo – $9/month
  • Pro – $39/month

You only have two options with Blue Strawberry:

  • Standard – $45/month
  • Professional – $125/month

The Missinglettr Pro and Blue Strawberry Standard plans are similar, with Missinglettr’s being more affordable. Plus, Missinglettr has a couple of less expensive options not offered by Blue Strawberry.

However, there is one way that Blue Strawberry can be cheaper. And that is with the current AppSumo deal. For just a one time purchase of $49, you get lifetime access to the Blue Strawberry Standard plan. AppSumo offers lifetime deals like this for a lot of products – it’s a wonderful way to save a lot of money over the long run.

Click here to get lifetime access to Blue Strawberry.

Advantage: Blue Strawberry with the AppSumo deal; otherwise, Missinglettr


With both Missinglettr and Blue Strawberry, you can create and schedule a year’s worth of social media posts for a single blog entry or YouTube video. However, Missinglettr is easier to use, with better calendar and hashtag features. You can schedule curated content in your niche to add variety and value to your social media feeds. And Missinglettr also has some cheaper plans.

Blue Strawberry does make it easier if you want to create campaigns for your YouTube videos and you don’t want to have to upload your YouTube thumbnail or any other graphics. And if you purchase lifetime access through AppSumo, you won’t have to pay recurring fees to use the platform. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Therefore, if you use the AppSumo deal or primarily focus on your YouTube channel, then you should choose Blue Strawberry. Otherwise, Missinglettr is going to be the best option for you.