WP Engine versus Liquid Web find which is the best Managed WordPress host for you

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When it comes to running a WordPress website, getting a Managed WordPress web host is a great idea, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience running WordPress websites, because they can handle the security, updates, etc.  So if you are considering a managed WordPress host, whether you are starting out or you want to move your website from another host that does not offered managed WordPress hosting, then two hosts you may be considering are WP Engine & Liquid Web.  These are two of the top Managed WordPress web hosting solutions in the business with great customer service that can help you.  But how do the two compare?  Here is a comparison of each plan – the cost, what they offer, etc. and hopefully that can help you decide which to choose.

WP Engine


Liquid Web Professional WP Engine


Liquid Web Business WP Engine


Liquid Web Agency
Price $35/mo. $99/mo. $115/mo. $149/mo. $290/mo. $289/mo.
# of Websites 1 website 10 websites 5 websites 25 websites 15 websites Multiple websites
Visits/mo. 25,000 Unlimited 100,000 Unlimited 400,000 Unlimited
Overages* Yes None Yes None Yes None
Storage 10GB 50GB 20GB 100GB 30GB 200GB
Bandwidth 50GB/mo. 5 TB/mo. 200GB/mo. 5 TB/mo. 400 GB/mo. 5 TB/mo.
Staging Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 supoort Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily Backups Yes – save up to 40 days Yes – save up to 30 days Yes – saved up to 40 days Yes – save up to 30 days Yes – saved up to 40 days Yes – save up to 30 days
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


*As far as overages are concerned, if you exceed your monthly visits, you will get charged $2 per 1,000 extra monthly visitors.  If you are new or if you don’t typically have say millions of visitors each month, this shouldn’t be a problem but if you do get a lot of customers visiting your website or you expect to be getting a lot of views, then that would be a plus for Liquid Web, which does not charge for overages (though, as you can tell, it is also a lot more expensive – and you’d have to have a lot of overages to make WP Engine more expensive).