Why live streaming is worth it & how to get good at it quickly

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Have you ever live-streamed to your customers, blog readers, or social media followers?  It can seem like a scary prospect.  It is, after all, a lot easier to edit a video before you share it with your followers and customers.  Going live is a bit more daring since you can’t just start over.  So you might be wondering, is it worth it?

Well, today we’re going to tell you why it is worth it.  Then we’ll tell you how you can quickly get better at it.

People Want Live Videos

There is a real appetite for live videos.  Livestream recently conducted a survey with New York Magazine and the results were really enlightening.  80% of respondents said they’d rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog entry.  82% of respondents said they’d rather watch a live video from a brand than see a social media post.  So if you want to give the people what they want, do more than a normal social media post or a blog entry.  Add live streaming to what you do.

It Helps Sales

And according to that study, it goes beyond just people wanting to see them.  These videos are also effective.  67% of respondents said that after watching a live stream they bought a ticket to a similar event.  So doing a live stream could help your sales, too.

People Watch Live Videos Longer

According to this study, people watch Facebook Live videos three times longer than videos that are no longer live.  So if you want to make sure people keep watching your video so you can tell them about a deal, a new product, etc., making it live can help ensure that happens.

It Increases Brand Loyalty

One of the advantages of live streaming is that it can make people feel like they are really interacting with you.  Doing it live more makes your customers or social media followers feel like they are right there with you.  Plus, because you are doing it live, you can see their comments and respond to them live.  This is much more interactive than a video that has already been taped that they find on YouTube.  So by doing a live stream, you can get people to more feel like you are their friend.  And as a result, they can become more loyal to you and your brand.  Which is obviously really important in terms of customer retention.

You Can Reach Younger Audiences

Depending on what your product or brand is, you might want to get younger customers or fans.  One way to reach younger audiences is with live streaming.  And that is because a lot of young people are consuming live streamed videos.  Per this study, around half of Twitter’s live video viewers are under the age of twenty-five.  So if you want to reach young audiences, live streaming can help.

How to Be Successful at Live Streaming

So now you know that live streaming is worth any hassle.  But the question is, how do you do it well?  After all, 67% of poll respondents say that quality is the most important factor when watching a live stream.

So how do you get good at live streaming?  One way is to take a class.  Here is an online course on Getting Started with Live Streaming.  As you can see when you click the link, it is incredibly affordable.  Here is an even more affordable course on How To Live Stream On Youtube.

If you are still having trouble getting started live streaming videos or you just want more help, you can consider hiring someone on Fiverr.  I have hired people on Fiverr from my businesses with great results.  You can find people that will help you with live streaming here.