Why multi step pop ups are the best pop ups to get new email newsletter subscribers

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Using Multi-Step Pop-Ups to Increase Mailing List Subscribers

Why Do You Need Mailing List Subscribers?

Do you have a newsletter for your business, website, or blog?  If you don’t, you really should consider getting one.  It is a wonderful way to increase traffic and make more sales.

For example, if you have a blog, you can send out e-mails to tell readers you have posted a new blog entry.  Now you have interested readers already going to your website.  And if you do affiliate marketing, you could make more affiliate sales.

Or let’s say you sell products.  You can send out a newsletter when you have a sale or promotion going.  Or let’s say you start selling a brand new product.  You could get the word out to people who are already genuinely interested in your products.

So you really need to get a newsletter.  You can get started with Constant Contact.  They have a free trial that makes signing up for them a no-brainer.  Especially since they make it so easy for anyone to design a professional newsletter!

But even if you already have a newsletter and already have mailing list subscribers, I know you want more subscribers.  The more subscribers you have, the more people will actually click on your newsletters and go to your website.

How to Increase Mailing List Subscribers

So you know you need to get more mailing list subscribers.  The question is, how?

Well, one way you can get newsletter subscribers is by having a pop up on your website.  I am sure you’ve seen these before.  Something will pop up on your screen asking you to subscribe for their newsletter.

But unfortunately, a lot of people just automatically press the “X” button and get out of it.  A lot of people don’t immediately want to give out their email.  Maybe they think they get too many emails as is.  Or they don’t want spam.  But whatever the reason, they don’t see the value of subscribing to their newsletter.

So how do you help convince them to sign up?  Well, why don’t you consider doing a multi-step pop up instead of just one pop up?

Multi-Step Pop-Up

The multi-step pop-up is a wonderful solution to getting people to sign up for your newsletter.  It can work better than the one-step pop-up.  Now, why is that?

Well, first let me explain what a Multi-Step Pop-Up is.  Basically something will pop up on the screen.  And if the visitor of the website says “yes” to the first question, then a new pop-up will appear.  Basically, it is just like a regular pop-up message.  But it was multiple parts.

Here is a great multiple-step pop-up you can do:

Step #1: Get Users to Click Yes

Ask them a question they can say yes or no answer to, and make it something appealing.  For example, let’s say you run a blog about skincare.  You might make a pop-up that says “Do you want proven skincare tips that will make you look 10 years younger?”.  Or, depending on what your blog’s content is, you might make a pop-up that says “Do you want to learn how to save 50% on your next skincare purchase?”.  As you can see, the basic idea of this question is to make it super appealing.  Looking younger and saving money are obviously two very appealing things.

Step #2: Get A Call of Action

Now that you have your attention, now you get a call to action.  The beauty of this method is, you already got their attention.  Now you can perhaps sell them a bit more on your newsletter.  Then ask them to give their name and email address.  For example, take the skincare example.  If you sell skincare products, you could tell them that everyone who signs up will get a promo code for 15% off their next purchase.  Now, you’ve gotten their attention and you’ve given them another reason to sign up.  You could also tell them that signing up means you get a free PDF of 25 tips for getting more youthful skin.  The point is, you got their attention with Step #1.  Now you need to pull them in and get them to sign up for your newsletter.

Step #3: Display a Thank You Message

This is your chance to show them gratitude.  A chance for them to feel good about what they did.  And a way for you to come off as nice and appreciative, so they will have a higher opinion of your blog or website.

Why It Works

Why does it work so well?  So as we touched on before, you’re starting off by giving website visitors a good reason to want to know more and click “yes”.  You’re not just starting off by asking for their name and email address.

And once they say yes, they are more likely to keep going.  Because they have already started it.  They have already committed themselves when they pressed “Yes” after you got their attention.  And by not asking them for their name and email address initially, they weren’t initially scared off.  They could just focus on the initial message, where you tell them how you can give them something they would like to have (like a deal or much-needed tips).

How to Do It

So does doing a multi-step pop up take a lot more work than doing a single pop-up?  Actually, no.  It can be really easy to do and you won’t need to know any advanced coding or anything to do it.

But that is if you get OptinMonster.  OptinMonster makes it so easy.  There are two different ways you can do it with OptinMonster.

You can use MonsterLinks.  This is an embeddable link you add to any text or button.  Or you can also create a Yes/No Campaign.  Either way, OptinMonster makes it easy for you to design with their Drag and Drop editor.  OptinMonster also gives you more than 50 pre-built templates.  So you’ll be able to design something really professional looking and impressive without having to hire someone to do it for you or spending hours and hours on it.

Want to know step by step how to use these methods?  Just watch this video!  And don’t forget to sign up for OptinMonster!