How to start your own Shopify candle shop

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So you like making scented candles.  Or you have always wanted to start making candles.

Either way, have you ever thought about selling homemade candles from home?  It is a wonderful way to use your unique talents and creativity to make money.  It could become a great side hustle.  Or it could even become your full time job!

And you have good reason to think you could make money selling your homemade candles because candle shops are a growing industry per Expert Market Research.  And the startup costs of selling candles from your home is not the same as it would be with other businesses, like starting your own restaurant.

One of the main things you would need to do to get started is to start your own website.  And a great way to do that is with Shopify.

Why You Should Use Shopify To Start Your Own Candle Shop

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms.  And there are a lot of reasons why Shopify is so popular.

For starters, creating an e-commerce website with Shopify is so much easier than creating a website from scratch.  You won’t have to do coding or things you might learn in a computer science course. Instead, you’ll use Shopify’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop functions.  This means anyone, including people with no experience, can easily create their own website.

Another reason Shopify is so popular is that it is so much more than just a way to create your website.  They also host your website so you won’t have to bother finding a separate website host.

Because really, Shopify provides a lot of the functions you’ll need to have a business which will make it so much easier (and cost-effective) than using multiple tools.  You can easily accept payments with Shopify.  It’s also easy to sell internationally.  They provide you with tools to help you with Shipping, like order tracking, shipping rate tracking, and label printing.  They help you create marketing campaigns.  The list goes on and on.  You can do all of this in one location with Shopify.

And another big thing that Shopify offers its customers is the easy ability to sell from multiple platforms.  Because it’s not enough to just sell candles from your own website.  You want to reach customers in a number of ways.  And Shopify will make it easy for you to not only sell your products from your website but also lots of popular online marketplaces such as:

This gives you the ability to reach a really wide audience.

How to Start Your Own Shopify Candle Store

So now you know you want to use Shopify to create your own candle store.  But the question is, how do you do it?

Luckily, as a I said before, it is easy to get started with Shopify.  You can get started with Shopify right here.  And guess what?  You can even pay just $1 a month for the first three months!  So now is a great time to start your Shopify candle shop!

Shopify Candle Themes

And if you want to make it even easier to create your shop, consider purchasing a Shopify theme specifically for candles.  Shopify themes are basically the way your website looks.  If you purchase a Shopify theme that is specific for candle stores, it will make your job easier.  All you’ll need to do is edit your information into the website rather than starting from scratch.

Here are a few Shopify candle themes you could use:

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Ecommerce Tips for Starting a Candle Shopify Store