Business idea: how to start a video subscription service

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How to Start a Video Subscription Service

Are you looking to start your own business?  Or add an extra way to earn money on top of any website or blog you already run?  Well, whether you have no experience running your own business or a lot of it, I have a business idea you can start.  And that is a video subscription service.

A video subscription service can be a great way to earn money.  If you get people to subscribe to your videos, then you can get a steady income coming in each month. It can be a great full business or a side hustle.

This is a great business if you love making videos.  You could give advice on a topic you are an expert on (such as business, knitting, make-up, mindfulness, etc.).  Or you could give classes, like yoga or cooking.  Or you could review movies or TV shows.  You could make silly videos.  Whatever you want – the possibilities are endless here.  But the main point is you could get a steady income doing something you love.  And you can do it without needing to go into an office!  Which is really important right now, don’t you think?

So you might be thinking this is something you would enjoy.  But you may think you can’t do it.  After all, if you have no experience doing this, how could you just start this?

But luckily, there is an easy solution to this.  And that is to get Odeum.


So, what is Odeum, you may be wondering?  Odeum is literally a complete subscription for starting your own video subscription service.  Like, that is the basis of their business.  So they offer you everything you need to do this.

Odeum gives you your very own website that’s hosted on your own domain.  This even comes with Chromecast support.  You can customize your website with your brand.

And you can easily upload videos onto your website.  Because that is a really important part of all this, right?  You can also easily put them into series, channels, or playlists.

You also have the ability to deliver your content wherever your subscribers want it.  And that is really great because you want this to be as user-friendly as possible, right?

In fact, once your channel is ready to launch, they will build and releases a complete set of native applications for Android, iOS, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, FireTV, Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, and web browsers.  Odeum lets your subscribers access your content on any app using the same subscription.

You also have the ability to quite easily – and securely – accept payment through credit cards or in-app purchases.  Because you want to earn money from this, right?

And you can customize pricing to reflect however you want to charge your customers.  You set your own subscription plans and prices.

They even give you the ability to do some things that are really helpful in growing your business but can be complicated and tricky with different software.  And what I mean by this is creating coupon codes or setting free trials.  Trust me, with some of my businesses, I have had so much trouble setting those up, so this is a much-needed feature.

You can then monitor how well you are doing with robust analytics.  Detailed reports on subscription and viewing behavior are incredibly helpful!

And you can manage all this in one simple dashboard.  Yes, managing your video content, creating pricing plans, configuring apps, and controlling your branding can all be done in one place.  This is so much more convenient than having to handle all of those in different platforms.

You can even perform tasks to help with marketing and customer retention from this dashboard, too.

For example, you can easily send announcements about new and upcoming content.  You can also schedule push notifications to subscribers with links to specific videos or channels.  You can segment your subscribers, too, so you can just reach the subscribers you think would be interested.   And you can craft branded emails or make promotional banners that can help get your audience to take action.

Coupon Code

And here’s perhaps the most exciting thing of all.  You might think that with all it has to offer, Odeum would be expensive.  But the thing is, it is actually not.

At least, not right now.  Because there is an incredible deal going on right now that will save you a lot of money.  You can currently get Lifetime access to Odeum Pro Plan for just $99.  Yes, you saw me right.  Lifetime access, which means no having to keep paying month after month.  You will literally be saving yourself thousands of dollars over the years because you won’t have to keep paying.  And that also means you could be making a profit much quicker because you won’t have huge expenses each month eating into your profits.

So what are you waiting for?  Click here to get started!