How to mute or suppress background noise

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How to Reduce Background Noise When Recording

Do you have a podcast?  Do you ever live stream on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.?  Then I know you don’t want to have to deal with background noise!  If you’re, say, recording a how-to video of yourself say cooking, then your audience wants to hear what you have to say.  They don’t want to have to listen to your dog bark, your kids playing, your air conditioner, etc.

But it’s kind of easier said than done to find a quiet time to record your content.  Especially if you work from home.  And let’s face, a lot of us are now.  You may also be finding yourself in a situation right now where your kids or spouse is suddenly home.  So you can’t get a quiet space to do your work anymore.  So your best bet would be to find a tool to reduce background noise while you record.

And that is why Krisp is so great.

Solution: Krisp

So what is Krisp?  Krisp is a noise cancellation software that mutes background noise in any communication app.  And it is so simple.  It is literally just one button.  Yes, thankfully, this is one of those times where the solution really is quite simple!

Krisp supports any device (microphone, speaker, headset).  And it works on over 800 apps!  You can download Krisp for Windows, Mac, Chrome, and ioS.

Krisp is trusted by some pretty famous brands.  It’s trusted by professionals from Intel, HubSpot, Zapier, GitLab, etc.  So you know you can trust Krisp.  It is truly the world’s best AI-powered noise-canceling technology out there!

If you want your podcast or live streams to sound professional, then you will need to get Krisp.  So click here to get started.  It really is the best solution, especially if you’re working from home!