How to add great copyright free music to your videos (YouTube & other social media accounts)

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Let’s face it.  Music can add a lot to a video.  Adding music to a video can make or break your video.  Adding an upbeat song to a promotional video can really add to people’s positive feelings about your video.

But here’s the problem.  Music often has copyright issues.  There are ways to add free music to your YouTube videos that won’t have copyright issues.  But there aren’t many options.  And what about videos you are making for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or other platforms?

But I have the perfect solution for you.  And that solution is Uppbeat!


Uppbeat is a music platform and music library.  It was designed for solo content creators or small businesses with up to ten employees.

Uppbeat gives you access to unlimited music from real artists.  There are new great tracks added every week.  So you can keep finding new great songs that add a lot to your videos.

And the best part?  No copyright claims!  Because who wants to see YouTube flag their video?  Certainly not me, and I am sure not you!

This is a much more economical solution than buying individual music licenses over and over.  This is just one fee you will have to pay.  Because you can right now buy lifetime access to Uppbeat.  And this means it is even better than subscribing to a monthly subscription music library.  You will always have access to Uppbeat.  This means that every time new music is added, you get access to it.  You can keep creating new unique videos week after week.

Uppbeat Discount Price

So you know how I said that it’s more economical because you just pay one fee?  Well, I am about to make it even more economical for you!  Because right now, there is an amazing deal available for Uppbeat!

Click here and you’ll see this great deal.  Normally, it costs $168 for lifetime access to this music platform.  Which, honestly, is a good price.  But today, you can get it at $59!  This is over half off, so I don’t think I have to tell you what a good deal this is.

Especially because it is for the Uppbeat Premium Plan!  This gives you so much like:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Exclusive Premium tracks
  • Your YouTube channel whitelisted against copyright claims

So get it now while you can take advantage of this great sale!

Adding Music to Videos

Having trouble adding music to your video?  Maybe you need better software!  VEGAS Movie Studio is great, affordable software that makes editing videos so much easier.  Click here to get started.