12 tips on how to make your business greener

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How to Make Your Business Greener

So I am sure I don’t have to tell you what kind of effects climate change has had on our earth.  We are at an important time in the human race where we need to work now to make a difference.  If we want to leave earth to our kids and grandkids, we have to act now.

So, how as a small business owner can you make your business greener to help the environment?  Here are 12 simple things you can do that can really make a difference.

1. Host Your Website with GreenGeeks

The internet consumes energy.  This energy is produced by carbon polluting sources.  By having a website, you are contributing to carbon pollution.

But wait!  There is a way around that!  And that is to host your website with GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks is a website hosting provider that’s been recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency since 2009 as a Green Power Partner.  And that is because they work with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) in Portland, Oregon.  The BEF calculates GreenGeeks’ yearly energy consumption and carbon footprint. Then BEF purchases RECs 3 times as much as what GreenGeeks consumed and that energy is put back into the grid.

So what does that mean?  That you hosting your website with GreenGeeks will actually make the environment better!  You will go from hurting the environment to helping!

And that most amazing thing about that is that GreenGeeks is actually very affordable.  Click here to get started.

2. Use Google Docs

If you and your employees need to communicate, then how about eliminating doing so on paper?  I have found that is easier to communicate with my co-workers with things like Google Docs where multiple people can access and work on the same documents.  It is more efficient and helps the environment!  Get started here.

3. Buy Recycled Paper

If you absolutely need paper in your business, consider purchasing recycled paper.  You can get recycled printer paper, too.  You can purchase it here.

4. Use a Desk Lamp

If you are working out of your home, you could consider using a desk lamp rather than an overhead light.  That will save energy.  You can get some great, affordable desk lamps here.

5. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Need more light? Then use energy-efficient light bulbs.  You can find some at affordable prices here.

6. Use a Power Strip

If you need to plug devices into an outlet, consider getting a power strip.  Smart power strips will actually cut the power off when they detect when a device is in standby mode.  This saves energy.  Click here to get one of these.

7. Use a Smart Thermostat

Similarly, a smart thermostat will help you save energy.  So consider getting a smart thermostat like this one to help save energy.

8. Get Eco-Friendly Coffee Cups

If you have a large office and people in your office drink coffee, consider getting eco-friendly coffee cups like these to help protect the environment.

9. Use Environmentally-Friendly Trash Bags

A small but effective way to help the environment is with enivronmentally-friendly trash bags like these around your office.

10. Use Eco-Friendly Paper Towels

If you have an office, you’ll need paper towels in your bathrooms.  These paper towels are washable and reusable.  And they are made of bamboo, too, instead of trees.  Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen per day then than trees.

11. Use Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

So speaking of bamboo, you can use bamboo toilet paper, too.  That also is much better for the environment than the toilet paper you might be using in your office.  Click here to get started.

12. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

When you clean your office, make sure you use cleaning supplies that help the world become greener, too.  Like this multi-surface everyday cleaner or this natural floor cleaner.