How make a video tutorial of your screen

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Have you ever wanted to make a video tutorial of your screen?  Maybe you are a teacher who wants to use it with your students.  Maybe you have a presentation coming up.  Or maybe you want to create a new video for your YouTube channel where you explain something to your followers.

Whatever the reason is, I am sure you want an easy way to create a video tutorial of your screen.  And luckily, you can get that with ScreenRun.

How It Works

Let’s say you want to make a video tutorial that explains something on your screen.

First, you’ll take a screenshot of your screen (or a screen recording) and upload it to ScreenRun.

Then, in ScreenRun, you’ll place points on your screenshot or screen recording. ScreenRun will create a video that zooms in on all of those points, in the order you selected them. This is an easy way to draw attention to certain parts of your screen during your tutorial.

You can also record your voice so that you can explain those particular points.

ScreenRun Example

In the following gif, you’ll be able to see an example of how it looks. This gif was originally just a screenshot of a Google Sheets template.

Google Sheets Template for an Event Marketing Timeline

ScreenRun turned that screenshot into a video that closes up to specific parts of the screen, as well as adds a cursor effect.


You can adjust the length of time that the cursor stays on each part of the screenshot. So, if you were making it into a tutorial video, you could make the cursor hover over different parts of the screenshot longer to give yourself enough time to explain things.

Now, this example was made quickly (it took a few minutes, tops) with the free trial version, just to test it out. With the paid version, you can export HD videos in 1080p. You can also change the watermark so that it fits your brand, business, website or blog, instead of being a ScreenRun watermark.

How to Buy It

So as you can see, it is quite simple with ScreenRun.  And the other great thing about ScreenRun is that right now it is quite affordable.

That is because there is a great sale going on here.  It normally costs $24.99.  But right now, you can purchase it for $9.99.  That is a savings of 60%!

So act now to take advantage of this great deal – and then you can start making video tutorials of your screen!