How to start an online dating business that hosts virtual speed dating events

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How to Host a Virtual Speed Dating Event

Why Virtual Speed Dating?

2020 has really changed the dating scene.  It’s hard or possibly against the rules depending on where you live to just go to a bar and meet someone.  The ways we meet people have had to change.

Another thing that has changed in 2020 is the way we earn money.  A lot of jobs and industries are going away.  And the jobs or businesses that remain aren’t earning the same kind of money they used to.

But what if I told you there was a way you could solve both problems?  Well, that way could be you earning money from hosting a virtual speed dating event!

This is a great option if you already have a dating website.  Or you are looking to start a dating website (we tell you how you can easily create a dating website here).

Speed dating was already proper prior to 2020, but now doing it online has become a necessity.  And luckily, we have the technology now where you can do this without having any experience.

And how do you do it without experience?  Use Airmeet!

How to use Airmeet for a Virtual Speed Dating Event

Airmeet is a wonderful online platform that allows you to host interactive virtual events.  It has a really intuitive, easy interface that makes it very easy for you to host an event.  Your dashboard allows you to manage registration, add sponsor branding, integrate with social streaming services…basically what you need to make your business a success!

Airmeet’s best feature for your purposes is its “Speed Networking” feature.  It matches participants together for a quick one-on-one virtual meeting.  Which, you know, is speed dating.

Airmeet Deal

Now, you may think Airmeet would be expensive since it such a powerful platform.  But you would actually be wrong.  That is because Airmeet has an amazing deal going right now.  You can buy it for just $79.  It is normally $297, so this is quite a bit of saving!  And it is a lifetime deal, too!  A lot of software you could use costs a lot of money month after month.  This really adds up over time.  But taking advantage of this deal, you could your software at a good price and then quit paying.  This will help you make money a lot quicker!

And you really should take advantage right away because there’s no reason not to.  Because if you change your mind about this business, you can get a refund.  You can get a refund for up to 60 days after you purchase it, no matter what the reason is.

And the Airmeet plan gives you so much, like:

  • Unlimited number of events/Airmeets per month
  • Up to 100,000 paid participants
  • Unlimited Airmeet hours
  • Ability to add custom logos to social lounge & live sessions
  • Organizer branding
  • Event analytics provided to you
  • HD recording
  • And much more

So act now while this amazing deal lasts!