How to grow your lash business via Instagram

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Are you a lash technician looking to grow your business?  Perhaps you have an online fake eyelash store.  Maybe you are an influencer who promotes products.

Whatever your field, the lash extension business is quite a profitable one.  After all, market research valued the Lash Extension Market at $1.36 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $2.31 Billion by 2028.

So you know you have a real gold mine on your hands.  But you might be unsure how to grow your place in the market.  One way to do that is through Instagram.

Instagram is a wonderful medium to reach your target audience.  A lot of your target audience already uses Instagram.  They look to Instagram for products and tips.  Instagram is also a great platform to show off how great your products are.  Since Instagram is a visual platform, they can see for themselves how great your lashes look.

But just having an Instagram account isn’t enough.  How do you get people to find your Instagram account?  How do you stand out?

You Need to Post…A Lot

Having an Instagram isn’t enough.  You need to be posting new pictures and graphics and you need to be doing it a lot.

After all, the more you post, the more likely people can find you.  Each post is a new opportunity for people to find your Instagram account.  You want as many opportunities as possible.

Plus, you want to give people a reason to follow your account.  You do that with good posts and you do that by posting a lot.

But the idea of posting a lot may seem overwhelming.  After all, how do you keep coming up with new ideas for posts?  How do you post all the time and keep up with all of your other work and family responsibilities?

Well, the answer to that is Canva.


Canva is a one-stop shop to make sure you can really grow your Instagram account.  Canva is a graphic design tool, but it has grown into much more than that.

But let’s start with how it functions as a graphic design tool.  Canva makes it really easy for anyone to create Instagram posts.  They have templates for Instagram posts and Instagram Stories.  They are really easy use even if you have no graphic design experience.  Their drag-and-drop tools are very intuitive.  I use Canva all the time to create graphics and I had no background in graphic design prior to using Canva.  And the templates they have are really attractive.  The picture for this blog entry is actually one of their templates.

So Canva definitely helps you create a lot more posts.  But it also helps you keep posting a lot even when you are busy.  You see, Canva allows you to schedule posts in advance.  So if you wanted to keep a schedule say of posting every day and you were about to go on a week-long vacation, you wouldn’t have to worry about working on your vacation.  You could create posts in Instagram ahead of time and then schedule them in advance.

Canva really is the greatest tool for anyone with an Instagram account.  You just have to pay a monthly fee.  And you can get started with a free trial.  Click here to get started with Canva.

Engage Your Audience

Another way to grow your Instagram account is to create posts that encourage your followers to interact.  Getting them involved is a great way to keep them following you.

Also, the more comments you have on an Instagram account, the more Instagram will show your posts.  Which can help you gain new followers.

So create posts that ask questions.  Or consider doing a poll on Instagram.  Canva has templates that allow you to create Instagram polls quite easily.

Use Better Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way for people to find you.  If you use great hashtags, more people will find you.  The more people find you, the more followers you’ll have and the better it will be for your business or brand.

I use this tool to find more hashtags.  You can enter a hashtag in and then it will give you similar hashtags you can use.  It is a great way to find similar hashtags people could be using to finding Instagram posts and accounts like yours who might not find you otherwise.


The lash business is a profitable one, and Instagram is a great social media platform for you to grow your business or brand.  Just follow these three tips to grow your Instagram account – and get Canva!