How to Collect and share video testimonials to increase your conversion rate

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Video testimonials from customers can be a wonderful marketing tool for your business.  They can be even better than written testimonials because anyone who comes on your website will literally be able to put a face to the review.  They’ll know that actual real people have used and enjoyed your product.

But the question is, how do you easily get these video testimonials?  But the answer is refreshingly simple.  And the answer is to get SocialJuice!


SocialJuice makes it easier for you to collect video testimonials from customers.  They let you collect them from a dedicated webpage.  You can customize this dedicated webpage, too, so it can feature your brand’s colors, visuals, and messaging.

Then you can share this page with your customers!  You can do this via social media, email, or SMS.  You can also create a QR code that you can use to share the link on print materials or packaging.

When customers click on the link, they’ll find they can record video testimonials in a very convenient fashion.  They can record their testimonial videos on any type of device.  And they have the option to rewatch the video before submitting it.

Once they submit a testimonial, you’ll get an email notification on your SocialJuice dashboard.  You can then watch the video testimonial right from your dashboard.  You could then delete it or download and embed it.

Since the videos are collected with the customer’s permission, you’ll then be able to use these videos wherever you want.  You can put them on your website, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) – wherever you want.

SocialJuice makes it really easy for you to share the videos.  You can share them online with just a simple link.  And all the videos are hosted ad-free, too!  You can also share your testimonials on your website with a scrollable carousel that you can embed without using any code.  You can even customize the embedded carousel so you’ll have control of how the testimonial information is displayed.  For example, you can highlight things like the individual name or the company name (depending on what your business is).

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