Find out how you can easily get more customer reviws for your business

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Getting More Reviews for Your Business

If you are like me, then you really hate asking people for reviews.  I mean, it’s so awkward.  And often ineffective.  I have ended a newsletter with “leave us a review!” and had no takers.  Sometimes it seems like the only one who is willing to write a review of you are the negative ones.  By the way, if you have dealt with negative reviews in the past, check out our tips here.

But this doesn’t have to be a problem for you anymore.  And that is because of a new tool at our disposal called Endorsal.


So what exactly is Endorsal?  Endorsal is a way to fully automate the collection and display of testimonials.  For me, any time you can automate something, you’ve got to do it!  The time you save frees you up to do so many other things for your business.  So not doing it can end up costing you more than the product itself!  And the product itself is reasonably priced with a current deal; we’ll get into that later.

So what you do is you send your customer EndoForms.  EndoForms are branded testimonial capture forms that make it way easier for your customers to write reviews.  The forms can be filled out without them having to do a lot of work.  That is in part because of SuperLinks.  This is where your customer data’s is automatically pre-filled.  This information is taken from your CRM, email service providers, and automation software.

Once they have written the review, embeddable widgets will then allow you to display it on any website.  And they will look great.  You can choose from gorgeous, responsive themes.  You can even customize it to match your brand.  And adding the testimonials is really easily.  You just need a couple of simple lines of code rather than advanced coding.

Special Features

And the powerful dashboard that comes with Endorsal also makes it easy for you to monitor your reviews.  You can, for example, automatically approve any 5-star review.

You even the option of highlighting the best comments.  Oh, and you can even reply directly to customers.  This is really important if the customer has any issue you can resolve.

Endorsal is also great if you are looking to share customer reviews from other websites onto your website.  With just a couple of clicks, you can important reviews from Yelp, Facebook or Google.

And this works the other way, too.  When a customer submits a review through Endorsal, it can be posted to other platforms.  This could help you on say Facebook if people find your business on Facebook.  It also help your average customer reviews on Google which could be really beneficial!

And that’s not all.  You can even embed specific reviews to any part of your website.  Like, let’s say you run a beauty salon that offers facials.  Let’s say someone writes a great review specifically about facials.  Then a pop up can come up when someone visits the facials page of your website that lets the website visitor know it is recommended.  It could say “Jane Doe recommends facials” and then the website visitor could press a button to read the whole review.  This could be a wonderful way for you to make sure you actually complete a sale.


So you’re probably wondering, how much does this cost?  Well, luckily, not as much as you would think because there is a great sale going!  Click here and you can literally save 92% on this product.  Yes, you read me right.  But hurry!  This is a limited time offer.