How to work out of your home but get different physical business address

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Running an online business from your home can be great and it saves you so much money from having to rent actual office space.  Trust me, as someone whose first business involved an actual brick and mortar office space, so much of my company’s sales would just go to pay rent month after month.

But there was one advantage to having the actual building, and that was having a street address.  There are many times in business we actually need an address to give out, like getting your business listed on places like Google Places or Yelp, setting up an email marketing newsletter like with Constant Contact, getting actual mail sent to you, etc. – and you may not want to use your personal address for privacy reasons.

You could opt to go the route of getting a PO Box but this does have limitations, like the time it takes to drive out and retrieve your mail (which may not seem like a big deal, but as sometime who used to do that for my business, trust me, it really does eat into your workday, especially on days of heavy traffic) and it is not convenient if you travel a lot.

So this is the beauty of a virtual mailbox.  You can get an actual address to give out to customers and businesses and then you can have your mail forwarded to your own personal address or even to your email.

And you can do this by signing up with Sasquatch Mail.  You can get your mail scanned and forwarded to your online digital mailbox (a great option if you travel a lot) or sent to your own personal address.  You get an actual address that you can give out that will allow you to do things such as an email newsletter (which is really important when you are trying to market your business).  Sasquatch Mail has a lot of different options and starts at just $29/month – when you compare that to what you might pay for rent if you rented out an office space, that is quite a steal!


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Small business owner advice. How to get a virtual address for your business so you can work from home while protecting your privacy. The address will help you get business deals, email marketing, etc & make you look professional without having to rent office space